Ultimate Coffee Date – July 2018

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Jul 08

I love the summer, but what I hate about it is that it seems to move too darn fast!  We’re in the first week of July and I’m already freaking out that I’m running out of time to enjoy the season!

I’m a day late, but I’m joining Deborah and Coco for the Ultimate Coffee Date!  Since it’s been hot as HECK so far this summer, I’m going to mix it up and have a virtual iced coffee!  I hope you can grab a seat and join me as we catch up on our regular, non-running life!  I’m also linking up with Wendy and HoHo for the Weekly Wrap!

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Ultimate Coffee Date – July 2018

If we were having iced coffee, I would tell you…that it’s a little rough having the 4th of July in the middle of the week when you don’t take any days off…but I made the most of it!  We had a few friends, family, and neighbors at the house and we cooked up a storm!  It was so much fun, even though I didn’t see a single firecracker or fireworks!  Bret and I really enjoy entertaining, but we don’t do it enough!  I was really happy to make red, white, and blue cocktails and thanks to my sister’s assistance with pouring, they came out great!  How did you celebrate the holiday?  Got any good leftovers (we have tons)?

If we were having iced coffee, I would tell you…that I’ve switched over to taking Regional Rail public transit to work instead of driving and for the most part, I’m loving it!  No potholes, relatively little traffic, and I’m not sweating in my car’s pathetic A/C system!  The best part about taking the train is that I’ve been able to read during my commute.  I’ve already finished 4 books since starting to take the train:  Animal Farm,  The Good Samaritan (took me a few days to recover!), 1984 (mind blown!), and Straying.  Now I’m reading The Handmaid’s Tale – and it’s so good!  I just have to remember to turn off the Kindle when I’m done reading so that I don’t run out of battery life in the middle of a good chapter (again)!

If we were having iced coffee, I would tell you…that I hate that I keep talking about my plantar fasciitis, but it’s so frustrating.  I just don’t understand why they didn’t enroll me in physical therapy this time around.  I feel like my stretches aren’t doing enough; I don’t feel any improvement and I’m NOT running.  Ugh…wake me up when it’s over.  Any positive vibes are greatly appreciated!

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If we were having iced coffee, I would tell you…that my Saturday was pretty fun!  We went for the cake tasting and decided on our cake flavors, but now I’m not sure that we made the right choices.  We decided on vanilla with lemon filling on the bottom tier, lemon on the middle tier, and spice on the top tier.  The other options were chocolate chip, raspberry or strawberry and a variety of other fillings, including salted caramel.  What flavors do you think you would enjoy for a wedding cake?  The other note was figuring out the design.  I didn’t realize our catering package would give us so much versatility for cake options, but the sky’s the limit!  Bret and I agree that we want more of an earthy, rustic look for the cake but we really need to narrow down our vision.  I’m also really interested in using real flowers…so we’ll see!  Fortunately, we have plenty of time to decide!

cake tasting

If we were having iced coffee, I would tell you…that we also went for another tour of the wedding venue on Saturday.  They were having a wedding that evening but we were able to walk through the grounds before they arrived and they are absolutely beautiful right now.  Bret’s mom came and she was able to get a good vision of what we’d need for the centerpieces and decorative flowers.  I can’t wait for you guys to see it in its full glory in October!  While we were out there, we took a drive to the hotel that we reserved blocks for our guests, then we tested 3 local breweries for the post-wedding dinner, including Victory Brewing.  Thankfully, we have options – Downingtown is much nicer than I realized, so I think our guests will have a great time!

If we were having iced coffee, I would tell you…on another wedding note, we are taking engagement photos next week and I am SO nervous!  On Thursday, I scoped out the area where we want to take photos, but I’m worried that it might be too dark since our appointment is at 6 pm and it’s essentially in a forest.  Now just because I have a blog, I don’t consider myself a photographer, lol, but I can’t help but try to anticipate what would/wouldn’t work! I just want our photos to have the right atmosphere because it’s in an area where Bret and I love to run and it represents us so well.  I’m trying not to stress out about the whole thing, but it isn’t easy~

cresheim creek bridge

Does this look like a good spot to pose for photos?

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and a great start to your summer!  What would you share with me over iced coffee?

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