August Running Goals and July Recap

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Aug 01

What the heck happened….we’re in August?!  For selfish reasons it’s one of my favorite months of the year, but it also makes me realize that this summer is almost over!

I’ve really enjoyed creating running and fitness goals each month, and since we’re in August, it’s time for me to look back on my goals from July.  Did you meet your goals?  And what are you looking forward to in August?

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July Running Goals Recap

The month of July went entirely too fast.  Sadly, thanks to my plantar fasciitis, I didn’t run a single mile in the month of July.  I know that my condition is temporary, but it still sucks!  I really miss running and I look forward to getting back out there.  I hate summer running because of the heat and humidity, but despite that, I still loved being out there, especially on the trails!  Here’s how I did with my health and fitness goals for July:

  • Focus on treatment of plantar fasciitis.  Grade:  B.  While I certainly focused on the treatment, every day I’ve felt completely discouraged.  I still don’t think I’ve been aggressive enough, but what I have been doing – icing, stretching, at various points of the day – hasn’t seemed to help one bit.  My condition hasn’t improved at all.
  • Do indoor cycling at the gym 2x a week.  Grade:  C.  I started strong but as the weeks passed, my days filled up to the point where I could barely make it to the gym.  I only made it twice a week in the first week of July, and the remaining weeks only once.
  • Practice mindful eating.  Grade: C I didn’t do as well with this as I hoped, and with the stress of work, wedding planning, and my plantar fasciitis, I made some poor food decisions and now I’m paying the price.  Breakfast and dinner were usually good during the week, but my lunches were often pretty bad.   Throw in a couple of happy hours and…oops.
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August Running Goals

I'm sharing a recap of my running and fitness goals for July and how I plan to keep moving forward in August! Find more running chats at!

  • Lose 2-3 pounds.  I had my appointment with the dietitian and my weight is now at its highest ever.  Thankfully, she’s not overly concerned…I mean, I’m not running, so of course, I’ve gained weight.  But I don’t like where I am right now, so it’s time to be a bit more specific in my weight loss goal and do the right things to get there.  I will have to work harder at meal prep to stay on track.  I have my wedding dress fitting at the end of the month as well, so there’s a little extra motivation to get back to my normal size!
  • Commit to physical therapy 100%.  I have my first appointment in physical therapy this week, finally!  I have had plenty of experience with PT and each time I go through it I end up a little wiser.  I will try to go as frequently as I can, maybe even 3-4 days a week if that’s what it takes to tackle my PF head-on.  It’s not like I’ll be going on any runs after work…this is my new training plan.
  • Make it to the start line of the Philly 10K.  Several months ago I signed up for the Philly 10K which is in its 5th year.  I have NO plans to race this race, I just want to be able to move faster than a walk.  I have missed running so much this summer…if I can make it to this race, you don’t know how happy I would be!

How did you do in the month of July?  What are your running goals for August?

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