October Running Goals and September Recap

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Oct 03

I hope you’re having a great day!  Can I reiterate how happy I am that September is over?!  October is here and it’s time to start the month with a clean slate.  I love being able to use the start of the month as an opportunity to reflect on my goals and see how I can make things better in the new month!

So just like every other month, I’m doing my monthly goals recap – goodbye September, hello October!

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October is here! Check out my health and fitness goals for the month! #runchat Share on X

Every month I've been sharing my running goals. Check it out and more running and fitness fun at runwithnoregrets.com!

September Fitness Goals Recap

Okay, I’ll just say it one last time:  September sucked.  It was hectic, chaotic, and stressful as hell and I’m so glad that it’s over!  While I had a wonderful work trip in Austin and enjoyed seeing the sights, especially on foot, the rest of the month provided very little downtime.  I had about 7 miles of “running” over the past month, and that was plenty!  Physical therapy kicked my butt and I made a ton of progress.  But how did I do with my goals for September?

  • Lose 2-3 pounds.  Grade:  F.  Unfortunately, I didn’t lose any weight this past month.  But at least I didn’t gain weight!  My eating habits still weren’t the best as we spent a lot of time eating out since we were so busy during the week.  I’m a bit disappointed, but I’m not surprised.
  • Focus on yoga and spin as non-running workouts.  Grade:  B.  While I’ve had to miss a couple of classes due to work, I’ve really enjoyed being back to yoga and spin class.  The energy is great and my body is definitely feeling the benefits.
  • Make time for self-care/downtime.  Grade:  F.  I did a terrible job with self-care this past month.  Forget hitting the spa, I haven’t watched General Hospital in over a month!  I have literally been exhausted almost every night that I come home from work, only to turn around and do the same thing the next day.  At least I got my hair done, which is more of a trial for the wedding than anything!
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October Fitness Goals

I'm sharing my fitness goals for the month of October! Check it out and more running and fitness chats at runwithnoregrets.com!

  • Complete return to running plan.  I’m really looking forward to working on the return to running program that I received from my physical therapist. What do I need to do?  Be patient, listen to my body, and take things one day at a time!  Oh, and I still need to keep doing my exercises to keep Plantar Fasciitis away!
  • Use MyFitnessPal daily to track food and exercise.  I started using MFP in August and when I used it consistently, I think it worked great!  I am still hoping to trim down a bit before the wedding (my 2nd dress fitting is coming up!), and I really need the accountability. Feel free to add me as a friend!  The reason I haven’t been using it as much lately is that I have felt guilty about what I’ve been eating….who wants to track all that junk food?  Even though I love my Twizzlers, I’m going to keep them away and eat healthy snacks!  We’re also going to be cooking more meals at home – I know this will make a huge difference since we’ve finally got our evenings back!
  • Go for a long walk once a week.  In the weekly wrap, I mentioned that I really enjoyed my super long walk on Sunday afternoon.  Since I enjoyed myself so much, I want to make the time to go on a long walk every weekend!  I think an hour would do the trick, and really help jumpstart my day and help with managing stress.  I’ve started taking the train to work again now that physical therapy is done, so that’ll also give me more time on my feet.
  • Manage wedding stress.  I’m getting married at the end of this month!!  I did a terrible job of self-care in September, and I can’t let myself get too overwhelmed since I’m in the final weeks of wedding planning!  I have to do my best to get everything organized, stay calm, delegate when necessary and know when to let things go.  My perfectionism can really get in the way sometimes!  I just have to remember to keep my chill!

How did you do with your health and fitness goals in September?  What will you be working on in October?

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