November Running Goals and October Recap

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Nov 07

Well hello!  I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, and now we’re in November!  I hope you’re doing great!  If you read regularly, you know I love being able to use the start of the month as an opportunity to reflect on my goals and see how I can make things better in the new month!

So just like every other month, I’m doing my monthly goals recap – goodbye October, hello November!

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October Fitness Goal Recap

Unfortunately, October wasn’t as active as I hoped it would be.  I did squeeze in as much yoga as possible, but I had to miss a lot of lunchtime classes due to various meetings.  I also missed out on a few of my post-work spin classes and only made it to the barre studio once, maybe twice.  October was also extremely busy because of my wedding (which I will share details about very soon!!), and there were lots of checks to write and details to finalize.  Thankfully, everything worked out in the end!  Last, work continued to be really busy, to the point that I almost felt guilty for taking off work right when things were coming to a head!  But in any event, here were my fitness goals for October.

  • Complete return to running plan.  Grade: F.  I hardly ran in the month of October and I only did a few of the exercises in the return to running program.  It just wasn’t a priority at the time.
  • Use MyFitnessPal daily to track food and exercise.  Grade: C. I  was doing a pretty good job with MFP, missing a couple days here and there (usually on the weekend), and then I completely dropped off by October 22.  It really is a great way to keep accountable, so if you’re on MFP please feel free to add me as a friend!
  • Go for a long walk once a week.  Grade:  F.  I went for a long walk the first weekend of October, and then I was catcalled/harassed while on my solo walk, which I mentioned on my Instagram a few weeks ago.  That really killed the spirit for me, unfortunately, and then I had a few busy weekends of wedding prep that made it impossible to find time for a long walk.
  • Manage wedding stress. Grade: B-.  I’m finally married, and I’m happy to say that with all things considered, I think I handled wedding stress very well, especially on the actual wedding day!  Thankfully my family was a huge help and took on several tasks to help things go smoothly!
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November Fitness Goals

I'm sharing my fitness goals for the month of November! Check it out and more running and fitness chats at!

  • Work out 3 days a week:  I really miss being active, so now that I have my freedom back, I look forward to building up a running base, hitting the gym, going to barre, yoga, and spinning.  I don’t care what I’m doing as long as I’m working out!  It’s such a needed stress reliever.
  • Cook meals from scratch 2 days a week:  For the last few months, we’ve been doing Hello Fresh (and I know I still need to write a review on it!), but honestly, it’s become a bit of a pain.  I actually miss making meals from scratch and since the farm share is also winding down, I need to start getting through all of these veggies!  So once again, I’m going to try to nail down this meal planning thing and make fulfilling, healthy meals!
  • Say goodbye to plantar fasciitis:  So it’s been a while since I wrote about my “Road to Recovery”, and things have been doing pretty well…but I’m not out of the woods yet.  I need to keep working on my tight calves and hamstrings and I’m really looking forward to receiving my custom insoles!  I would love to end the month 100% pain-free!

How did you do with your health and fitness goals in October?  What will you be working on in November?

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