Runfessions – January 2019

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Jan 25

Happy Friday! I hope you’re having a great day so far. Can you believe that we’re just a few days from February?

As it is the last Friday in January, I’m joining Marcia for Runfessions! It’s been a while since I’ve joined in, but I think it’s a good time to get a few things off my chest, lol!

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The last Friday of the month means it's time for Runfessions, and this month, I'm talking about self-doubt as a runner. Time for some real talk!

Runfessions for January

My motivation to run has been pretty low.

I thought I would have a bit more motivation to run in the new year but I haven’t been making running a priority in my schedule, despite my 2x a week goal. Thankfully, the running club at work is helping to force the issue, but it’s just been so hectic during the week. I often don’t get home until 6 pm and between the darkness and the crazy weather, I haven’t felt incented to get out there. I know I can do better, but I’m also trying to not be so hard on myself.

I haven’t signed up for a single race in 2019.

It feels very strange, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have any races on my radar! The one race I know I will do is the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon in early June, as it’s a family favorite. It’s only $65 so I’m not in a rush to register just yet. I’m currently waiting to see if I get selected to run any Rock ‘n Roll races as a Bibrave Pro Ambassador. I applied for Nashville and Chicago and hopefully Denver if it works with Bret’s schedule. I’ve never run any of these races so I’d love some insights! I’m also thinking about the fall and I would LOVE to do something in New England. I’ve never raced up there but I bet it would be so beautiful! Please share your suggestions!

I feel completely out of the running blogger loop.

I thought I started the year strong and was ready to really get back to my blogging routines, then I realized that I had a full 2 weeks in January with no posts! It was completely unintentional. I had some really good posts planned but never got the opportunity to sit down and just write! In addition to that, I just feel so disconnected with my blogging pals these days. I haven’t been reading the blogs as much and I miss seeing what everyone is up to. The Weekly Wrap is one of my favorites, but I always feel awkward doing those posts when I’m not training for a race. I hope to get out of this funk soon!

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The home treadmill is happening…soon…

We are currently in the process of creating a “home gym” and the big feature will be a treadmill! Even Bret is on board, so it’s exciting! The problem is, like so many things, there are way too many choices. Honestly, I just want to buy something on Amazon and be done with it. I know that putting it together is going to be hell, so I’d spring extra for the assembly services. I love cold weather running but when the weather is treacherous, I’d prefer to have a treadmill at home as an option. I don’t want to spend too much but I don’t want a cheap one either since it’ll be used by Bret and me. If you have a treadmill, what features are the most/least important? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I’m optimistic that my plantar fasciitis is history!

night splint
No more night splints!

I had to end things on a high note. While I haven’t been pounding the pavement, and I have been taking it easy, I am very optimistic that I am on the other side of this very persistent and frustrating injury! My feet are feeling much better these days! I stretch my calves as often as I can remember and my custom insoles seem to be helping. I’m probably due for some new shoes. I have the Mizuno Wave Rider 21’s, so I should probably upgrade to the new model…maybe? Maybe I’ll try to get a crazy color this time!

How has your running been going? What runfessions would you share with me?

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