February Running Goals and January Goal Recap

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Feb 05

And just like that we’re in the second month of 2019! I hope that you’re still motivated to tackle all of your goals, in and out of the gym.

Since it’s the start of a new month, I’m reflecting on my fitness goals for January and sharing my new goals for February. These are one of my favorite posts to write because accountability is key!

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January Running Goals Recap

With the start of a new year, I like to start things off with a bang and carry the momentum for as long as possible! This was another low-mileage month, but I’m still pretty happy with what I was able to do. Here’s how I did on my goals.

  • Attend barre/yoga classes at Y2BFit 8x/month.  Grade: A-. I ended up attending 7 classes at Y2BFit. The 8th class I forgot I registered for and missed the class. I went to 2 Barre Fusion classes, 2 (t)RX Barre classes, 1 Pilates Fusion class, 1 Yoga class, and 1 Barre class. I’m definitely feeling much stronger, especially in my core. The (t)RX was really challenging and I enjoyed mixing it up with new instructors.
  • Meet up with a local running club. Grade:  B. This was tough to grade. While I did kick off the Running Club Roundup reboot, I technically only ran with my company’s running club this month. So technically it is a local running club, but not what I had in mind for this goal. I should have been more specific!
  • Create a daily prehab routine. Grade: B-. I have been sending myself reminders to stretch my calves and hamstrings and massage my feet, and while I’m not doing it every single day, I’m getting there. I still need to work on an incentive to keep up the habit.
  • Run 2x/week. Grade:  C-.  More often than not, I did NOT run twice a week. I already runfessed about my low motivation, so I need to make more of an effort to get out the door during the week. Maybe the running club could help with that goal…
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February Running Goals

  • Join the Wissahickon Wanderers for a Group Run. I learned from January that I wasn’t specific enough in this goal, so now that I have committed to the Wanderers, I gotta get out there! They are very close to home so I’m hoping this is low hanging fruit! Then I can write about my experience for the Running Club Roundup!
  • Run outdoors on a weekday every week. Again, I’m trying to be more specific. I have to essentially trick myself into going into race training mode because when I do, I always make time for my runs. I know I can do this, but damn is it cold out there, lol! I don’t want to use the treadmill as a crutch…remember, I’m the one who loves winter running! 😛
  • Buy new running shoes. According to Strava, I have about 279 miles in my current Mizuno Wave Rider 21’s. Instead of shopping online, I think I need to hit the running store and really try some new models/brands. And maybe for once I’ll finally get 2 different pairs!
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What are your running goals for February? How did it go for you in January?

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