March Running Goals and February Goal Recap

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Mar 06

I hope you’re doing well! We’re a few days into March and I couldn’t be happier! Hopefully, the spring will finally make an appearance and cold weather running will be a thing of the past!

I thought with the start of a new month it would be a good time to share my latest round of running and fitness goals! A new month is always a great opportunity to reset and evaluate my progress on my previous goals!

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February Running Goal Recap:

Unfortunately, my goals for February didn’t go as well as planned. I felt pretty bad about it for a while, but I know by now that you’re not always going to knock your goals out of the park. All you can do is reflect and move forward!

  • Join the Wissahickon Wanderers for a Group Run. Grade: F. Unfortunately, this goal may have been too specific. February was such a jam-packed month and I just wasn’t able to meet up with the Wissahickon Wanderers. I was THISCLOSE to meeting up with the Conshy Runners, but I chickened out. The Running Club Roundup continues to be on hold…
  • Run outdoors on a weekday every week. Grade: C. I started strong, but the last couple of weeks in February just didn’t work out for me.
  • Buy new running shoes. Grade: A. I haven’t received them yet, but I will be wearing some brand new running shoes very soon! I can’t provide details YET – but I look forward to wearing and reviewing the shoes. Stay tuned!
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March Running Goals:

I'm sharing my running and fitness goals for the month of March!  Check out more running discussions at!
  • Follow Coach Laura’s half marathon training plan. I’m so happy that I’m working with Laura again to get ready for the Rock ‘n Roll Nashville Half Marathon! I look forward to being back on a routine – I know myself, and I know that this works best for me!
  • Incorporate stair climbing whenever possible. While I haven’t talked about it much, at the end of the month I’m participating in the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Stair Climb! I feel completely out of shape and I’m worried about my performance, so I know it’s time to start doing stair workouts whenever I can! If it’s just climbing the steps at home or at work – now is the time!
  • Make time for downtime. As I mentioned in my Coffee Date post, I really ran myself ragged last month. I feel like I haven’t had enough sleep. I always feel guilty for not doing “all the things” – and I need to figure out why I always need to have a full schedule. So for the month of March, I want to prioritize more me time, time to read books, relax, and not pile on the stress!
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How did you do in February? What goals are you looking forward to in March?

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