Rock ‘n Roll Nashville Training: Entering Week 6

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | injury prevention

Apr 08

I hope you’re doing well! I know it’s been pretty quiet on my side lately, but that doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been anything going on! I’ve been very busy training for the Rock ‘N Roll Nashville Half Marathon, which is now only a few short weeks away!

I thought now would be a good time to check in and share how things have been going with my training. I’m entering Week 6 of my plan from Coach Laura, and I’m really optimistic about how things will go in Nashville!

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Rock ‘N Roll Nashville – Training Update

So much has happened, and I hate that I haven’t been blogging as often as I like. On top of keeping up with my runs and workouts, work has been incredibly busy. The work-life balance is always a challenge, but I’m learning to not be so hard on myself and just keep moving forward and doing my best! So instead of breaking down my specific workouts, here’s a broader update on half marathon training!

Training Overall – Going Well!

As a whole, I think that half marathon training has been going pretty well! I actually ran almost 60 miles in the month of March, which is a number I haven’t seen in several months. Working with Coach Laura has provided the structure that I needed, and while I did have to cut back a little bit from time to time, I’m still on track.

Now that I’m getting into double-digit runs, I’m realizing it’s time for me to get back to a consistent fueling routine. On my long run on Saturday, I didn’t eat pre-run and it showed…I really struggled, but thankfully I did bring along some Honey Stinger chews for energy. I walked a lot on that run, and while I felt a little guilty “running” 9 miles instead of 10, it was better than doing nothing at all!

Me during my 9 mile long run a couple weeks ago…got it done!

New Running Shoes

I have been having a few challenges with my shoes, however. I was still wearing my old Mizuno Wave Rider 21’s, even though I had over 300 miles on my pair. Unsurprisingly, on my longer runs, I started experiencing pretty bad knee pain…my shoes were pretty beat up and I didn’t realize it! I was super excited to get the Brooks Glycerin 17 as part of a campaign with BibRave and started wearing them right away, but after a few runs I realized I needed something with a little less cushion. Now I’m wearing the Brooks Ghost 11’s and they seem to be just right! I still have to share my review of the Glycerin’s – later this week!

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Injury Prevention

With all the increased mileage and changing of shoes, I’ve been experiencing a lot more tightness in my calves and some familiar, unpleasant foot pain. So I’ve really been focusing on doing more pre-hab to prevent a plantar fasciitis relapse. Barre actually helps a lot with hip, glute, calf, and hamstring work, but I do heel drops almost every day and try to strengthen my feet whenever possible.

Running Club at Work

The running club that I created at work so many years ago has really come to life this year and we’re still going strong as we’ve finally entered spring! It has been so exciting to have people that want to come out to run week after week. We run on Saturday mornings and have been mixing it up, meeting at different locations and incorporating stairs in our workouts. I can’t help but feel like a proud parent when I see everyone ahead of me, getting to know each other, and getting it done. It has really brought me so much joy!

So I think I’ve said enough, lol! Training is going well and I am confident that I will be ready for Nashville. I’m definitely not running it to PR, but to have a pain-free experience, almost exactly a year after my amazing experience at the New Jersey Marathon. Fingers crossed that all goes well!

Are you training for a race? How has it been going for you? Any fun races lately?

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