Runfessions – October 2019

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Oct 25

Hello, hello, hello! It has been so long since I’ve been able to find time to share an update, so I am jumping at this opportunity to share some of my running confessions, aka runfessions! Marcia hosts this linkup every 4th Friday of the month. I wanted to commit myself to write this post, as it is one of my favorites and it’s just been far too long since I’ve been able to catch up with you all!

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The last Friday of the month means it's time for Runfessions, and this month, I'm talking about self-doubt as a runner. Time for some real talk!

October Runfessions

I like that people think I’m a little crazy to still be running…

As I write this, I’m just a day away from being 30(!) weeks pregnant. I am sticking with running as long as I can during this pregnancy! I like having the opportunity to educate people that yes, I can still run while pregnant since it was something that I was doing regularly before the pregnancy. Now, I’ve never been a speed demon or a woman running 30 miles a week just for kicks, but I have been running almost every Saturday with my company’s Running Club that I formed a few years back and they have provided some wonderful motivation! I am always in the rear and I go at the pace that works for me, which is closer to a 12-ish minute pace. I like to run 4-5 miles when I can. I love running too much to give it up, and I like to think that baby girl is enjoying the ride! So maybe I am a little crazy, haha!

Me at 28 weeks pregnant – I’m huge!

Running while pregnant has been getting more uncomfortable…

I have to runfess that while I love that I can still run, over the past few weeks, running has become increasingly uncomfortable. As I got further into the second trimester, I would start out with a little bit of pelvic discomfort during runs that would go away quickly, but then post-run my body would feel pretty trashed. As the weeks have progressed, the pain has been much more persistent during my runs, and it takes days for me to feel back to normal. So after tons of (agonizing) research and some online recommendations, I finally purchased the Bao Bei Maternity Probump support band for my belly. I will be using it on my run this weekend for the first time and I really hope that it helps! I’ve also realized that adding more walking, such as part of my warmup and interspersed in my runs, really helps get the job done! The minor adjustments are worth it!

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I’ve had some racing/training feelings of FOMO

Fall racing season is definitely one of my favorite times of the year, so it has definitely been tough for me to see everyone celebrating their races and 20-mile runs while I’ve only been able to run 1 day a week. I had to defer my entry into the Philadelphia Half Marathon for 2020 since I would’ve been 34 weeks pregnant on race day – a little too close for comfort. Between my pregnancy and my slow return to racing after my long battle with plantar fasciitis in 2018, I didn’t get to race nearly as much as I had anticipated this year. But I hope that I can at least squeeze in some kind of 5K Turkey Trot before it’s all said and done! Maybe I’m missing adding to my collection of medals?

Are people reading running blogs anymore?

I can definitely runfess that with the busyness of work and baby preparations, I just have not been participating in or visiting the usual linkups and following people’s workouts like I used to. I actually really love reading about my favorite bloggers’ progress, but it has completely fallen out of my routine. I did notice that when I was blogging more consistently earlier this year, participation didn’t seem as high as before. So are people still blogging consistently, or are more people moving to Instagram and “microblogging”? IG is okay, but the way they control feeds, there are so many people I follow and never get to see their posts. It’s so frustrating! Even if I’m not writing as much, I want to make an effort to do more reading. I miss my running blogging community!!

What runfessions would you share with me? How has your fall running been going? Any pregnancy running tips you have to share?

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