Ultimate Coffee Date – April 2020

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | running

Apr 04

Hey there! Obviously, a lot has been going on in the world lately and I hope you and your loved ones are in the best of health as we combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

On a lighter note, since it’s the first Saturday in April, I’m joining Deborah and Coco for the Ultimate Coffee Date linkup! It’s a great opportunity to catch up on non-running, non-blogging things. Grab a virtual cup and join me!

It's time for the #ultimatecoffeedate with @deborahbrooks14 and @got2run4me! Join us and catch up on life! Share on X

Ultimate Coffee Date – April

If we were having coffee, I would tell you…that in Philadelphia, we are under a Stay at Home Order and I am taking it seriously! I only go out for the occasional walk or run and aggressively maintain social distancing. The nearby trail has been packed with people from what I’ve heard so I stick to the neighborhood streets. Thankfully, running is still a good escape from the stress!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you…that I am finally on the other side of maternity leave! Thursday was my first day back to work, and fortunately, I’m able to work from home indefinitely. The day before, I did a “dress rehearsal” and it went really well, so of course I was all out of sorts for the real thing and forgot a few steps in my new pumping routine! Fortunately, I rebounded on Friday. I’m glad to be back to work!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you…that Zoom seems to be the real MVP lately! I’m grateful that my barre studio is offering live classes on Zoom. Normally I don’t like working out at home, but it’s growing on me. I also had a really fun chat with my fellow Bibrave Pros. There were about 25 of us and we had some good conversation, especially as people deal with their races being cancelled and postponed. I’d really like to do more of these “fun” virtual meetings. I’m tempted to set up a virtual Happy Hour with my coworkers…

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If we were having coffee, I would tell you…that I signed up for the ZOOMA Fitter Stronger and Faster program. They were offering free signups so I figured I’d join for a little more fitness motivation. I was delighted to see that Marcia is the coach! I joined the private Facebook group, but can I runfess that I’m already getting overwhelmed from all the posts? I already feel behind/like a slacker, smh…I was off to a slow start, not working out until Wednesday, but I’m getting back on track! It’ll be good to run more than once a week again!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you…that baby E is doing really well! She is 12 weeks old now, which is crazy! I just bought her a bunch of toys so that she can have more ways to stay entertained and work on her motor skills. We had some rough nights when it seemed like she was teething, but she really seems to be thriving overall and is a pretty happy baby. I’m so grateful! Now that the weather is consistently nice I’d love to take her out on walks but I don’t want to risk her getting exposure to coronavirus…or is that overkill? What would you do?

What would you share with me over coffee? Be well and be safe!

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