Weekly Rundown: Doing My Best

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | fitness

Apr 20

Welcome to the start of another week! I hope you’re doing well and continuing to cope in this new normal. I’ve been having good days and bad days, and sometimes I can be hard on myself when I don’t accomplish everything I set out to do, fitness-related and otherwise. It’s so important for us to be kind to ourselves!

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Weekly Rundown: Doing My Best

Monday 4/13: ZOOMA strength – 3 sets of 10 mountain climbers and 10 renegade rows. The first set I used a 3-pound weight, then I did the last 2 sets with my 5-pound kettlebell. They are finally being put to use!

Tuesday 4/14: I did the ZOOMA strength work again but this time I used my 5-pound kettlebells for all 3 sets. Then I had an evening barre class with Taryn via Zoom. It was another good class with lots of variety, but my arms were burning!

Wednesday 4/15: I went for a run after work. It was a little chilly but felt good! I decided to take Judy’s advice and search for the colors of the rainbow on my route. I was able to find everything except indigo pretty much! 3 miles then 4 sets of 30-second strides per the ZOOMA program. It felt great to be out there!

Thursday 4/16: No workouts.

Friday 4/17: I was all about some quality family time to kick off the weekend. No workouts.

Saturday 4/18: I was thinking about going for a run but it just didn’t happen. The hours flew by and then it was time for the Zoom call with my fellow running bloggers! I heard about their Zoom a couple of weeks ago and I was so determined to participate in the next one. It was great to see everyone, especially since there are so many who I’ve never been able to meet in person. Thanks, Deborah for hosting! It was a highlight of my week 🙂

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So glad to chat with these lovely ladies!

Sunday: I probably could have run a couple of miles, but we went for a family walk that ended up totaling 4 miles. Baby E sleeps pretty much the whole time but this time she did get a little irritated before falling back asleep lol. I did realize that I probably need to get back to wearing custom insoles – my low back and feet were hurting in my new Brooks Ghost 12’s!

Weekly Report Card

I started the week out strong but really fell out of the groove in the latter half of the week. I had hoped to participate in more barre classes but hey, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. I’m working on not being so hard on myself about missing workouts, but it is a struggle. Plus I was feeling really down on Friday for some reason, but thankfully shook off the funk the next day. I will give this past week a B. Like everyone right now, I’m just doing the best that I can! Hopefully I will go for more than one run this week, weather permitting!

How were your workouts this week? Ever feel guilty for not working out as much as you hoped?

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