Weekly Rundown – Happy Easter

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Apr 13

I hope you’re off to a great start to the week! If you celebrate Easter or Passover, I hope you had a wonderful holiday, as I’m sure this year will be one of the most memorable ever! As usual, I didn’t even think about planning for Easter before coronavirus hit so we didn’t do anything really special. No Easter candy, no Easter basket for baby E, I’m the worst, right?

But in any event, it’s another week and time for another Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah! I’m also linking with Zenaida and Kim for Tuesday Topics and  Coach Debbie RunsRunning on HappyConfessions of a Mother RunnerMile by MileRuns with Pugs, and Fauxrunner for the Runners’ Roundup!


Weekly Rundown – Happy Easter

Sunday 4/5: It was a beautiful day! I went on a short run while Bret took baby E in the BOB stroller. I had speed work on deck, but the nearby track was closed, so I just did my strides on the sidewalk, which was thankfully flat. It felt good to go fast. Once we met up, we walked back home and enjoyed the nice weather.

Monday 4/6: I had a rough night with a really strong headache, which I never get, so there was no way I was working out. Plus I had chills and the back of my neck was killing me, but thankfully, no fever. I took a couple of naps to try to recover.

Tuesday 4/7: I had another rough night and my symptoms were getting worse. But I did do a virtual barre class after work. Taryn’s class involved gliders (or paper plates) but honestly my core just can’t handle all the extra props right now lol. I struggled my way through the 45-minute class. I also did some strength work with my 3-pound weights, 3 sets of 10 upright rows and 10 lateral rows as part of ZOOMA’s challenge. It was a good workout.

Wednesday 4/8: Can you believe I had another miserable night? It got to the point that I called my OBGYN’s office for advice. I was worried that it was hormonally related because I also had night sweats – what the heck?! I had my first telemedicine appointment that afternoon and the doctor said I basically need to take ibuprofen for the pain, stretch my neck/use ice, and monitor the situation. She wasn’t concerned at all…so I ended up going for a 2.4 mile run in the neighborhood in the evening. It was another warm day and I wore my cloth mask since it seemed to be recommended. It was super uncomfortable but I made the most of it. By the end of the day I was actually starting to feel better.

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The new normal…

Thursday 4/9: No workouts. I actually felt MUCH better, and we had a good night with the baby! It seemed like things were starting to turn around!

Friday 4/10: I was going to do HIIT class in the evening but decided to bow out and just relax.

Saturday 4/11: My motivation was very low. I didn’t have a great day and I felt too down to work out or go for a run, even though I knew it would probably make me feel better. Can you relate?

Sunday 4/12: Happy Easter! Bret forced me to get out of my funk so I went for a run while he took E out in the stroller. I originally thought I’d only run 2 miles but I ended up running 4….that never happens! I was on one of the more popular trails, but thankfully it wasn’t too crowded. Then I joined Bret and the baby to finish up our walk, and we probably walked at least another 2 miles together. I was beat by the time we got home, but felt very satisfied!

Weekly Report Card

This past week didn’t go exactly to plan. I was supposed to run 3 days instead of 2, but I started the week feeling physically crappy and almost ended the week emotionally crappy before turning things around for Easter. So with all of that going on, I’m proud that I was able to work out as much as I did! I’m going to give this week of workouts a B+!

How was your week of working out? How was your Passover or Easter affected by the pandemic?

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