Weekly Rundown: Keeping Active

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | fitness

Apr 27

I hope you’re doing well! It’s starting to feel much more like spring is here to stay, though I could do without all the rain. Fortunately, we’re almost in May. April really flew by for me, especially considering that I just started back at work!

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Weekly Run Down – Keeping Active

Sunday 4/19: Family walk for 4 miles in the neighborhood. Baby E did fuss a little bit on this ride but for the most part she stayed fast asleep. It was a really nice day!

Monday 4/20: I finally made it out after work on a Monday for a run! 3 easy miles. I went out after cooking and eating dinner, so I didn’t get back in the house until around 8:30 pm. It’s been a long time since I’ve been out that late, and I’m not sure I want to make it a habit. I forgot to wear my night gear so it got a little scary since I was running on very quiet blocks with no plan in mind. Next time I’ll take my own advice for running safely in the dark!

Tuesday 4/21: I did the ZOOMA strength workout – 3 sets of 10 side planks with hip drops and 10 side planks with oblique twist. I did them on both sides, so this was much more intense than I realized. I was actually sore for days after this workout!

Wednesday 4/22: After work I went for a run – 10 minute warmup, then 6 sets of 1-minute fartlek, followed by a 2 minute jog/walk, then 5 minute cooldown. I alternated the jog vs. walk, which definitely showed in my time because my faster fartleks were always after I had that walk break! But it felt great to go fast – my fastest minute was 8:13!

Thursday 4/23: I completely forgot that I signed up for Kayla’s yoga class. Let me tell you…it is a very ACTIVE class. I struggled a bit with some of the balancing since I don’t own my own blocks (probably should buy some!), and my wrists rebelled when it was time to practice crow. I used to be able to do it, but it’s going to take time to work my way back, and that’s just fine with me!

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Friday 4/24: My barre studio had their free Happy Hour barre class from 5-5:30 pm. I really enjoyed it, especially that it packed such a punch in a short time period.

Saturday 4/25: The weather was going to be gorgeous so Bret suggested us getting a change of scenery and making a drive to a trail for our family walk. Sadly a lot of the parks are closed because of COVID-19, but we were able to go to the Heinz Refuge in southwest Philly. It was pretty crowded, but we were able to keep our distance. We spotted lots of turtles sunbathing, a frog, a goose on its nest, and lots of interesting birds. Baby E was knocked out the whole time as usual! We ended up covering over 4 miles.

Sunday 4/26: Finally a rest day! But I kept very active going up and down the steps in my house as I finally did some decluttering in my bedroom. I still ended up with over 7,000 steps!

Weekly Report Card

I’m very pleased with how I active I was able to be this past week! While it would have been nice to get in a run when it was so beautiful on Saturday, going on that nature walk was so lovely and still good exercise, so no regrets! For the first time since starting back up with these posts, I’m giving myself an A grade!

How was your week? Have you ventured away from home to enjoy a hike or do you stick to your neighborhood?

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