Weekly Rundown: Building Strength

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | fitness

May 18

I hope you’re having a great day! It feels like May is flying by so quickly – didn’t it just get started? We’ve finally started to get spring-like weather here in Philly, which means eventually it’ll be a battle to beat the heat when running outside. Yes, running in the heat is still my LEAST favorite time of year, haha!

It’s time for another Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah! I’m also linking with Zenaida and Kim for Tuesday Topics and  Coach Debbie RunsRunning on HappyConfessions of a Mother RunnerMile by MileRuns with Pugs, and Fauxrunner for the Runners’ Roundup!


Weekly Rundown

Monday 5/11: Morning walk then City Fit Girls Strength Club after work- my first workout since signing up for the membership. What I love is that it gives you a specific warmup, then the strength workout, and then a “finisher” at the end. This workout focused on the upper body so it was a great challenge. I used 8-pound weights for the most part – normally I use 2-3 pound weights in barre. I’m still being gentle with my core postpartum so I used only one dumbbell for the floor work. I really enjoyed it!

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Tonight I did my first workout as part of the @cityfitgirls strength club! I’ve been distance running for almost 10(!) years now but I will runfess that I have never done a strength training program besides some bootcamp classes here and there. Now that I’m a few months postpartum and getting back to running more regularly, I think it’s time to really work on this. I survived my first workout and I’m looking forward fo learning and growing in the months ahead! I really hope this will help me become a stronger, healthier runner plus make it easier to tote around my (increasingly heavy) little girl! Do you strength train? What should I know as a newbie? #RWNR #cityfitgirls #bibchat #postpartumfitness #cfgstrengthclub

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Tuesday 5/12: I only did my morning walk and let my body recover from Monday. I wasn’t too sore, but my shoulders definitely felt the burn!

Wednesday 5/13: Barre and yoga fusion class with Crystal after work. I was the only person in the class this week. The yoga was therapeutic and the barre had a lot of challenging glute work!

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Thursday 5/14: Morning walk and City Fit Girls Strength Club in the evening. This was a full-body workout that included dumbbell lateral lunges, dumbbell bent-over row, and dumbbell bridge pullovers with tricep extension. The last part of the workout included dumbbell lateral step ups that I had to do on my actual steps. I really enjoyed this workout, and I’m still making sure not to push myself too hard!

Friday 5/15: Full rest day! It was ridiculously warm out but I didn’t even step a foot outside.

Saturday 5/16: We headed out early for our stroller walk/run. I started out on a 3 mile run, my only run all week. It actually felt really good, as we thankfully beat the heat. Then I took over the stroller while Bret went off for 4 miles on his own.

Sunday 5/17: Another family walk first thing in the morning. Baby E and covered almost 3.5 miles, and eventually, Bret left us to go on a 5-mile run. It was a much cooler day and very peaceful in the neighborhood. I was actually able to get my first nap all week – my body needed it!

Weekly Report Card

As you can see, there wasn’t a lot of running as part of my weekly rundown. I am actually getting concerned about having another relapse of plantar fasiciitis and have noticed those “morning pains” on my first steps over the past week or so….not good. So I am pulling back significantly on running and will focus on building strength. So far, I’m really enjoying the Strength Club and I’m glad that I did 2 workouts. I’m hoping that I will get to 3 workouts a week soon, maybe run 1-2x/week, and still slide in some barre 1-2x/week. It’ll all vary from week to week…these days I have to stay flexible!

So I will give this week an A for effort! I look forward to seeing how things progress even a month from now!

How were your workouts for the week? How often do you strength train in a week?

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