Weekly Rundown – Hello May

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May 04

I hope you’re doing well! Time continues to fly and we’re already in May. I know that March was rough, but April was even more challenging, especially as I started back to work from maternity leave. In any event, I’m glad to keep moving forward and to do my best to stay active!

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Weekly Rundown – Hello May

Monday 4/27: Post-work run for the win! Covered 3 miles but my right hip was bothering me, so that was a bit concerning. I even covered a “new” block to help mix things up.

Tuesday 4/28: I did the ZOOMA strength workout – 3 sets of 10 pop squats with a 1-minute wall sit. I ended up doing this at the very end of the day (after catching up on the latest season of Top Chef All Stars), but better late than never! The wall sit was harder than I expected, lol.

Wednesday 4/29: Another opportunity to run! This time I wanted to be gentler on my hip, which I think helped a lot. I ended my 3 miles with 5 30-second strides but they certainly didn’t feel speedy lol. When I got home I spent a LONG time stretching, foam rolling and even using the lacrosse ball. Judy actually inspired me to pull out my foam roller since she’s been using it daily with great success, so thank you, Judy!

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Grateful to run another day. I need to stop looking at my watch post-run though…I enjoyed myself regardless of pace and I'm glad my hip feels better. I joined in with the @cityfitgirls virtual group run and took pics of some of the distinctive sculptures in my neighborhood (see pics)! After running 3 miles I did some 30 sec strides as part of @zoomarun challenge but was out of gas at that point! Once I got home I spent a LOT of time stretching my feet, calves, quads, hamstrings and hips, finally using my very firm foam roller and lacrosse ball! Recovery is so important and I think I've been neglecting it in my excitement to have time to run. Here's hoping I feel better tomorrow! #RWNR #runphilly #bibchat #fitbloggroup #sweatpink #cityfitgirls #zoomastrong #virtualrun #blkrunners #instarunners #runnerslife #run215

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Thursday 4/30: Yoga class with Kayla. It was another challenging practice! I was the only person who made it for class this week. We did a lot of interesting moves including some pelvic floor stuff, which I’m still horrible at!

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Friday 5/1: Rest day! It was nice to have a day with no workouts, seriously! I went on my first lunchtime walk for about a half-hour and it was so nice! I’m planning to take this time every workday while working from home, weather permitting!

Saturday 5/2: It was a gorgeous day! So we went out on our family walk in the early afternoon. It was shorter than usual so we were only out for about an hour. I was actually in a hurry to get home for the latest Zoom Coffee Date! It was another lovely time, but next time, I’m sticking to using the app my computer…using Zoom on my phone is a hot mess, haha!

Sunday 5/3: I was motivated to go on a bit of a longer run so I got out as early as possible to beat the heat. I thought I gave my legs enough rest time, but I am still feeling some pain in my right hip. So again, I took it easy and just focused on enjoying the experience. I found another new route that made things more interesting and it was pretty humid but not too hot out! I’m glad I got this one done, 4 miles, then walking the rest of the way home for an extended cooldown.

Weekly Report Card

What a full week! I’m very happy with how this one went. Looking back, I’m realizing that I didn’t take a single barre class last week, which is perfectly fine! Three days of running in a week is great for me, plus there’s never enough yoga. I’m glad to be walking more and I’m committing to walking every day during the week as long as it’s not pouring out!

I’m going to give myself an A for this week, especially since I’m now spending more time after my run stretching and rolling – injury prevention is always on the agenda! It’s good to make it part of the run, though I do feel like it takes a lot of time. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get quick and productive with it the more I do it!

How was your week of working out? If you’re working out more than before, is your body “talking” to you at all?

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