Weekly Rundown: Memorial Day Weekend

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | fitness

May 25

I hope you are doing well! Today is Memorial Day, a day to honor our fallen soldiers. We have the day off, which is so weird in this quarantined world that we live in. Philly is still under stay at home orders and even though we may be going from green to yellow soon, we are still pretty much on lockdown. I’m just glad to hear that we can now order cocktails to-go from restaurants!

Sadly, before all of this happened, we were looking forward to going to Buffalo, introducing Baby E to the family, participating in the Buffalo Marathon weekend, and of course eating lots of baby back ribs lol. Instead, we’re going to just have a few BBQ-type dishes and stay home this holiday. I’m just grateful to still be healthy.

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Weekly Rundown: Memorial Day Weekend

Monday 5/18: Afternoon walk, then City Fit Girls Strength Club in the evening, basically right before bedtime. Monday is all about the upper body and included overhead press, rows, curls, tricep dips, and some planks and situps. I felt accomplished after the workout!

Tuesday 5/19: Since the weather was favorable I was hoping to get out for a run. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to make it happen.

Wednesday 5/20: I did make it out for a brief walk, but I was STEAMING because my neighbor informed me that my car was “damaged”. I went out the door to find my rear passenger window completely smashed. The note was from the landscaper who was working next door and he said he’d pay for it. He ended up getting someone to replace the window the same day but with even better luck, my battery was dead so I couldn’t test if it even worked. Fortunately, everything is fixed but they did NOT vacuum the broken glass all inside my back seat, so it looks like I’ll have to take care of that…But on a lighter note, I did have an enjoyable barre/yoga fusion class via Zoom that evening!

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Thursday 5/21: I had a longer than usual walk in the morning, chatting with my sister on the phone. Once again, my neighborhood was full of surprises as I “discovered” another block that I hadn’t explored before – and it was beautiful! I had hoped to do another Strength Club workout, but it just didn’t work out.

Friday 5/22: I made it out for a short afternoon walk, even though it was raining. Thankfully I made it back inside before it really started pouring!

Saturday 5/23: City Fit Girls Strength Club – virtual workout! This was the first time we did a group workout on Zoom. I had to move my equipment to my home office so that I had a computer with functioning video, but I had plenty of space to work. Minus some minor technical difficulties with Coach Takia, the workout went perfectly! Now it looks like we’ll be doing it every Saturday morning, so I’m really excited!

Sunday 5/24: Morning barre class with Megan. It was great that she was subbing because I normally can’t make her 7 am classes during the week. I actually got on Zoom late because I fell asleep while reading a new book! We did a lot of really good core work with some interesting moves. My hamstrings were KILLING me from the previous day’s deadlifts so I didn’t think I could handle a run.

Weekly Report Card

For the week I walked four days, did 2 strength workouts, and took 2 barre classes. I had hoped to run once or twice, but it didn’t happen at all…oh well. All things considered, I will give myself an A! I was really stressed out about the car situation, and I’m still annoyed about the whole thing, but it could be worse! This week, I have 2 virtual races to complete – the first will be the Girls on the Run Virtual 5K and the second will be the Freihofer’s Run for Women Virtual 5K. I still have no idea what route I wil take through the neighborhood, but it’s nice to be able to run a race with no pressure at all!

How were your workouts for the week? Doing anything special for Memorial Day?

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