Weekly Rundown – Mother’s Day Weekend

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | fitness

May 11

I hope you’re doing well! This past weekend was Mother’s Day, and it was extra special since it’s my first time celebrating as a mother myself! We feasted on my favorite BBQ menu items and I made the family potato salad recipe for the first time, and I think it was a success! If you celebrate the holiday, what did you do?

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Workouts for the Week

Monday 5/4: The daily weekday walks continued. After work, I went for 2 quick miles. I probably should have spent more time stretching post-run, but sometimes I feel rushed to get back to Baby E and neglect my prehab.

Tuesday 5/5: Just my weekday walk. After Monday’s run, it was clear that I need to have a cutback week. I’ve been feeling aches and pains and my feet have NOT been happy, which concerns me due to my past injuries.

Wednesday 5/6: No workouts, just an afternoon walk. I was feeling really down this day, and while I had originally signed up for a yoga/barre fusion class, I skipped it and spent some quality time with Bret and Baby E.

Thursday 5/7: Again no workouts except my walk. I decided on a brand new route and I ended up running into Lauren, one of my barre instructors, and we briefly chatted from a safe distance. She’s wonderful – follow her on IG!

Friday 5/8: After a long day, I went for my run in honor of Ahmuad Arbery, a young black man who was gunned down by two white men while on his own run. There was a movement to run 2.23 miles on what would have been his 26th birthday. When I finally went outside it was raining pretty heavily. It’s been so long since I’ve run in the rain and it was so refreshing.

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My heart has been heavy. It has been touching to see the running community unite over #irunwithmaud but is it enough? True story: just a few days ago, I went on a walk in my very safe neighborhood, in broad daylight, wearing my patterned mask as always, and a rugged looking guy with a pickup truck drove by, honked and waved at me as he passed. Was this a friend or foe? Not to profile anyone but there was the American flag and a ton of bumper stickers I was too far away to read on his truck. My first reaction was fear. I knew I was safe from harm but I couldn’t help but wonder…These are the things that black people in America have to deal with every day, and sadly too many have lost their lives in the process. My condolences and prayers to Ahmaud’s loved ones, I truly hope justice is finally served this time. Posting a running pic today just feels trite to me but if you can walk or run 2.23 miles in Ahmaud’s honor I salute you. I will get out there later today with a run/walk. 🙏🏽

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Saturday 5/9: Lazy day – no workouts at all! However, I did sign up for the City Fit Girls Strength Club, so I’m very interested in seeing how it’ll go. I’ve never keyed into strength training since I started running, so I’m hoping that this will be a way for me to reduce injuries and become a more efficient runner.

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Sunday 5/10: Mother’s Day! Now that I’m a mother, this day is so much more special. I started the day with a virtual barre class with Taryn – it was great to be back at it! Then after having all my favorite things for BBQ, we went on a family walk for over 3.5 miles.

Weekly Report Card

Listening to your body is so important, and unfortunately, I’ve been injured enough times to know when I’m approaching the danger zone. I’ve been gradually increasing my mileage over the past several weeks, but my body has let me know that I need to pull back, and I’m glad to do it. I would have liked to do more cross training and finish out the ZOOMA challenge with a bang, but it just didn’t happen. The good thing though was that I got in plenty of miles on the walking front. I do think I need some new insoles, which is awkward to buy online, but we’ll see… I will give this past week a B grade!

How were your workouts for the week? How was your Mother’s Day?

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