Finishing 2020 Strong: October Fitness Goals

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Oct 05

I hope you’re doing well! We’re in the final quarter of 2020, which we can all say was no ordinary year. I thought September moved entirely too quickly for me, and with the leaves changing so soon I’m begging my favorite season of fall to slow down!

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve done one of those posts but I’m looking forward to sharing my fitness goals for October! Moving forward, I’ll be sharing my goals for the new month while assessing how well I did the previous month. It’s a great accountability tool!

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It's been far too long – I'm sharing my fitness goals for the month of October! #bibchat #MHMBR Share on X
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October Fitness Goals

I’m a huge fan of using a new month as a new opportunity to reset, and I’ve always looked to the past as a way to reflect, learn, and grow. Over the past few months, my running hasn’t gone as well as I’d hoped. Since having Baby E in January, I’ve of course had to manage expectations, and I’ve used my postpartum time as an opportunity to build strength. I’ve kept my mileage low through the super hot summer but hoped to ramp things up this fall. Unfortunately, in September my right foot started to give me trouble, and I’m pulling back to prevent injury. Yet I’ve still decided to set October goals to help keep track of my forward progress!

I'm sharing my 3 fitness goals for October to keep myself accountable!
  • Get fitted for new running shoes and inserts. This was something that I planned to do in September but talked myself out of it due to classic Janelle overthinking. I bought my last pair of running shoes (Brooks Ghost 12) at the end of March, and even then, they felt “off”. Plus, the very expensive, custom orthotics I bought are nearly 2 years old so now I’m thinking I need to start from scratch.
  • Run/walk/hike at least 50 miles. In September, I only fared a little over 40 miles between all 3 forms of fitness, and I know that I can do better in October. While I would love to run farther than 3 miles at a time, I have to be very careful. I was supposed to run 10 miles for the City Fit Girls Harvest Virtual Race but I will most likely slide down to the 5K. Better safe than sorry.
  • Complete the Many Happy Miles October Challenge. Over the last couple of months, as part of Bibrave, I’ve had a subscription to Many Happy Miles under Another Mother Runner. It’s been pretty cool so far – they have training plans each month and offer exclusive discounts, workshops, and live workouts throughout the week. The October Challenge is focused on streamlining your “get-out-the-door” routine. I definitely have struggled with getting out there and managing my fitness time, so I will implement the following routines at least 7 times this month:
    1. Set an alarm for my runs/walks. Just this past week I skipped 2 evening workouts that I intended to complete…an alarm would have helped!
    2. Use music to get ready for my workouts. I’m hoping this will also help with my motivation. I’m a huge fan of listening to music during a workout but I’ve never thought to use it to “pre-game”, lol! I’m sure I will use one of my many Tunes Tuesday Spotify playlists!
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What fitness goals do you have for this month? How did you do with your workouts in September?

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