November Fitness Goals and October Goal Recap

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Nov 02

Good news – 2020 is almost over! Now that it’s November, we have only 2 months to go until we get out of this crazy year. I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy as we continue to battle COVID-19.

New month, new goals! I’m glad to be back to regularly posting about my fitness goals and keeping myself accountable. Today I’m sharing my recap of how things went in October and I’ve got some brand new November goals that I’m excited about! Keeping reading to learn more!

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October Goal Recap

I thought September moved quickly, but the end of October flew even faster. I have to admit that this was a very stressful month. The bleak political landscape and the recent shooting of Walter Wallace, Jr. in Philadelphia, a city where I live, has been harrowing. Baby E didn’t sleep well on many nights, and there were a few times that I slept in instead of going for a morning workout. And I still struggle in the evenings when I really want to RELAX rather than work out! So with that said, how did I do with my fitness goals for last month?

  • Get fitted for new running shoes and inserts.  Grade: A. Shame on me, but I didn’t get this done until October 31! I finally went to RoadRunner Sports where I have a VIP membership and took a couple of hours to do the whole process from scratch. I got their custom inserts and for the first time, stability shoes – the Saucony Hurricanes. They feel great so far – who knew that neutral shoes would become a thing of the past for me? They even fit me in a half-size smaller than I’ve been wearing for years!
  • Run/walk/hike at least 50 miles. Grade: B-. Unfortunately, I didn’t spend nearly enough time outside and only made it a little over 41 miles. We had several rainy days in October and I have to runfess that I’ve become a pretty fair-weather runner. Sadly, I ran out of time to reach this goal.
  • Complete the Many Happy Miles October Challenge. Grade: C. Since I didn’t work out as often as I would have liked, I didn’t get too many opportunities to work on my “get-out-the-door” routine to practice it 7 times. I set several alarms, but most evenings I was so tired that I skipped strength training. Using music to “pregame” for my workouts did work well though, so I will keep that up!
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November Fitness Goals

November Fitness Goals
  • Complete 50 miles running/walking for BibRave’s November Mileage Challenge. The BibRave family is doing a mileage challenge and I’m going to do my best. I didn’t hit 50 miles between running, walking, and hiking last month, but I am going to stop the excuses and get in where I fit in! Just a half-hour of walking during lunch will make a huge impact!
  • Do City Fit Girls Strength Club workouts once a week. I love the Strength Club workouts but I’ve been so inconsistent. Again, those evenings are too easy for me to skip. We’re supposed to start group Zoom sessions so that will be huge for my accountability! There are 5 weeks in November, so I’m looking to do 2 more workouts than I did in October.
  • Meal plan healthy dinners each week. I have struggled with meal planning for many years but I’ve recently been inspired to be more proactive, so let’s see how it goes! Crockpot season is here and I’m all about being efficient with my time, so I need recipes that are as quick as possible. Any recommendations or hacks are appreciated!

How did you do with your fitness goals for October? What do you have on tap for November?

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