December Fitness Goals and November Goal Recap

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | fitness

Dec 08

We are soo close…the end of 2020 is almost here; we just have to push through one more month!

Now that we’re in December, I’m ready to tackle a new set of goals. Today I’m sharing my recap of how things went in November and I’ve got some brand new December goals that I’m excited about! Keeping reading to learn more!

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November Goal Recap

November was a very busy month. There was a lot of drama with the Presidential Election, COVID-19 continues to rage on, and we entered the holiday season with Thanksgiving and Christmas preparations. Through it all, I kept my goals in mind to help with my sanity. Here’s how I did.

  • Complete 50 miles running/walking for BibRave’s November Mileage Challenge. Grade: A+. I exceeded my goal finishing a little over 62 miles between running, walking, and hiking in November! I went out for some mid-day walks, but not as frequently as I hoped. I ran 12 more miles than I did in October, so I’m happy to be making progress as I rebuild my mileage!
  • Do City Fit Girls Strength Club workouts once a week.  Grade: A. I was able to get in 5 workouts in the month of November, though I was cutting it very close! Unfortunately, I couldn’t join in any Zoom workouts because they start at the same time as Baby E’s bedtime ritual. Still, I made it happen, even doing a workout in the morning before work!
  • Meal plan healthy dinners each week. Grade: A. I did it! I planned and was able to have meals that lasted a few days, such as a tasty lasagna with “fake” meat and veggies, black bean burgers, and of course the Thanksgiving meal. I also made a quick and easy salmon dinner that turned out great! I didn’t make use of the crockpot, but December is a new month! I really want to keep this habit!
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December Fitness Goals

  • Run/walk 70 miles in December. Since I made it to 62 miles in November, I think that 70 miles are very reasonable! I also hope to run a 10K this month, which will be the longest I’ve run in quite some time. As I’ve chronicled on the blog in the past, I’ve had issues with plantar fasciitis, so I’m doing my best to prevent it from coming back but not doing too much too fast.
  • Do City Fit Girls Strength Club workouts 2x/week. I’m really excited about this goal and to see myself improve over the course of the month! This is such a great program that is structured and challenging! I’m hoping I can get Bret to try it out with me.
  • Go to bed before 10 pm each night. Originally I wanted to set a goal of getting 8 hours of sleep each night, but who am I kidding?! Baby E lately has been waking up through the night without any kind of consistency, so all I can really control is the time I go to bed. Over the last month, I had been up until past 11 pm on most nights during the week, which is not going to fly! Adequate sleep is very important for your health as well, especially with everything going on right now!

How did you do with your fitness goals for November? What do you have on tap for December?

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