New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

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Jan 01

Hello, 2021! I think we all did a collective cheer when the clock struck midnight and we finally put 2020 behind us.

Once again, I’m sharing my goals for the new year. I know that people don’t like resolutions but I always look forward to a blank slate and an opportunity to reset for the next 365 days!

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Looking Back at 2020

2020 was one hell of a year, and that is a HUGE understatement. The COVID-19 pandemic has touched all of our lives, and sadly, most of us know someone who was infected or even perished from the virus. We had stay-at-home orders, work-from-home mandates, virtual classrooms, shuttered small businesses, canceled races and weddings, and so many more disruptions to everyday life. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer shortages, Zoom meetings and family gatherings, and masks and social distancing became the new normal. Protests against racial injustice took cities by storm and we had a tense Presidential election cycle that relied on mail-in ballots for the first time. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost and I can’t help but wonder “what if” we took more urgent action in March? Sigh…

However, with the birth of my daughter, a promotion to a brand new position that is essentially my “dream job”, and a safe and healthy family, I am extremely grateful for my good fortune in 2020, and I don’t take it for granted. Let me reflect on how well I tackled my 2020 goals.


  • Navigating mommyhood and giving myself grace postpartum. It hasn’t been perfect of course, but I’m really proud of how I’ve been able to manage this huge new part of my life! I honestly feared that I would get postpartum depression, but thankfully Baby E has been my biggest joy and even the sleepless nights can’t get me down! I’ve also made strides in avoiding the comparison trap, either with my pre-baby self or other running moms.
  • Bonding with my neighbors. I can only imagine all the playdates and gatherings we would have had if there was no coronavirus, but my neighbors have been great and we’ve still been able to get together outdoors in a socially distant manner. My fellow moms of toddlers have been amazing, and it feels great to be part of a community.
  • Incorporate walking into my fitness routine. I’m so glad that I’ve made more time to walk! I’ve seen much more of my (beautiful) neighborhood and I’ve been able to listen to several audiobooks. We also started doing weekend family hikes this year and it’s been a great experience.


  • Running the Philadelphia Half Marathon. Well, it was canceled with no virtual option, so I had no control over that! But honestly, I don’t think I needed the pressure to have a “triumphant” postpartum race so it all worked out. I don’t know if I’ll be able to defer another year; I originally signed up in 2019!
  • Getting rid of blog expenses. I am even deeper in the hole this year due to fewer revenue opportunities and increased hosting fees. I’m sure things will bounce back in 2021.
  • Cutting back on sweets/junk food. I certainly indulged more than I intended, but those holidays, man! I made WAY too many cookies this year! And Twizzlers are still dangerous to keep around me.

My Goals for 2021

I am so ready for this new year! I did great with the Passion Planner – ironically, I think I used my planner more effectively this year than any other – so I’ll be using it again in 2021. Here’s a breakdown of my goals!


  1. Steadily increase my mileage to a consistent baseline. Oh, how I miss being a consistent runner! Being a mom, I have to be super flexible these days, but I still hope I can create a way to consistently run at least twice a week. Each month I’ve been wandering aimlessly and I want to get back on track.
  2. Aim to consistently strength train twice a week. I’ve raved about the City Fit Girls Strength Club for a while, and I am going to keep it up! My strength work hasn’t translated into speedier runs yet, but we’ll see! I know I am definitely stronger than when I started.
  3. Run a trail race in 2021. I truly hope I can make this happen. We’ve hiked so much in 2020 and you know I’ve always loved being on the trails, so I hope I can find something manageable this year. Please send your trail race recommendations!
  4. Get back to yoga. As I’ve done more running the latter part of 2020, I’ve realized that I need to get back to yoga so I can relieve all my tight muscles. I would love to find a 15-minute practice that I can do once a day. Tips are appreciated!


  1. Continue weekly meal planning. I may not plan meals for every single day but I was on a roll with making a meal each week that could last a few days! I now have the Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow cookbook so I’m looking forward to seeing what I can whip up!
  2. Continue intuitive eating. My dietitian informed me about this concept and I really like it. I’ve found that it has helped me manage portion sizes and avoid mindless snacking.
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  1. Be bold and trust my brand. In my new role in sustainability, I have found myself underestimating myself entirely too much, especially in meetings. But enough of that – I need to trust myself and acknowledge my value. I have so many ideas and I want to make things happen, so let’s get it!
  2. Maintain my leadership network. I’m currently in a leadership program and have gotten to know and work with some really great people. I want to make sure we keep connected after the program ends!

Personal Life

  1. Make the most of my therapy sessions. This is the first time I’m mentioning this but I started to go to individual therapy a couple of months ago. I wanted to do this so that I can be a healthier mom, wife, and human. There is so much that I’ve already learned about myself and I committed to continuing through 2021. It is truly rewarding.
  2. Enjoy all the precious family moments. Since Baby E joined the family, our lives have changed forever. With everything that’s going on and all the other goals I’ve set for myself, I don’t want to lose sight of what’s most important. I can’t wait to see her continue to grow and learn – it’s going to be such a fun ride!

Run With No Regrets

  1. Get back to consistent blogging! Now I know I’ve stunk at this the last couple of years, but I have already planned out some Running 101 posts that I’m really excited about! I love writing about running and I’ve missed it so much – so I’m going to make time to get it done.
  2. Get consistent on Instagram. I really enjoy this platform and I want to make a real effort with it in 2021. It’ll never be perfect and glossy, but I look forward to stepping things up just a bit!
  3. Pursue more collaboration opportunities. I’m an extrovert, and I really miss interacting with people and being an active part of the running blogger community. So I hope I can find more ways to work with you all this year!

What are your biggest goals for 2021?  Let’s support each other and help keep each other accountable this year! 

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