February Wellness Goals and January Goal Recap

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Feb 02

And just like that, we’re in February! Welcome to a new month! If you had a tough January like I had, you’re extremely glad to be moving forward. I’m so happy to be able to reset and create some new wellness goals for February! Keep reading to learn more!

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New month, new goals! I'm sharing my latest and reflecting on January on the blog! #runchat #sweatpink Share on X
Every month I've been sharing my running goals. Check it out and more running and fitness fun at runwithnoregrets.com!

January Goal Recap

  • Run/walk 70 miles in January.  Grade: C. I was hoping to keep the momentum from December, but it was just a tough month physically, mentally, and emotionally. My walking and running mileage plummeted while my hiking increased, giving me just over 45 miles. It happens!
  • Do City Fit Girls Strength Club lower body workouts 1x/week. Grade: B.  I fell a bit short due to being sick over the past week. But I was grateful for the work that I was able to do while healthy. The lower body exercises have been feeling really good, so I’ll work to keep those in the mix.
  • Practice 15 minutes of yoga each day. Grade: A. Thankfully I was able to keep this going all month long! I didn’t decide until January 2 to do a streak for the month, and I did great, only missing a couple of days when my cold was at its worse. It’s funny how quickly 15 minutes goes when practicing yoga. I still feel quite a few tight spots, but it’s become part of my nighttime routine and I love it!

February Wellness Goals

I'm sharing my wellness goals for the month of February - so much to look forward to! Find more running posts at runwithnoregrets.com!
  • Successfully manage time for half marathon training. Say what?! Yes, it’s true…I am signed up for my first postpartum race, the Delaware Half Marathon in late April! I’ll share more deets soon, but now that I’ll be back in training mode, my goal is to get a good groove in balancing my workouts and mom life. I’m working with the amazing Coach Laura again so I’m super excited!
  • Spend more quality time with my family. Now you know in this pandemic there is no shortness of quantity time at home, lol! But I really want to be more intentional in having quality moments together. I’m hoping we can find a TV show we can start together and hopefully keep up our family hikes. We have all the streaming channels, so please share your recommendations on good shows!
  • Practice 15 minutes of yoga daily. I’m so proud of what I was able to accomplish and I think one more month should get this practice to stick! I’ve been thinking of extending it to 20 minutes but I’ll be flexible – no pun intended!
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How did you do with your fitness goals for January? What wellness goals do you have on tap for February?

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