September Wellness Goals

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | fitness

Sep 01

How is it already September?! Not that I’m complaining…we’re getting closer to fall!

A new month means a new opportunity to reflect and reset, and I love setting new goals to focus on each month. Writing them on the blog has been so great for accountability. So without further ado, let’s talk about some health and wellness goals for the month!

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August Goal Recap

  • Work hard in physical therapy for my Runner’s Knee.  Grade: A. I am absoltuely proud of myself and how hard I have worked in physical therapy thus far. While we’ve recently had to make a pivot and focus more on strength training, I’m really happy with all of the work that I did, especially on my own at home (which is usually the easiest to skip).
  • Commit to making “Me Time”.  Grade: C+. Since it was my birthday month, I did make a few self-care appointments, such as a hair appointment, massage, and pedicure, so those were great. I also made appointments with my primary cary doctor and my optometrist for new glasses. However, I still really struggled with making me time for other purposes without feeling guilty.
  • Go to bed at 10 pm each night. Grade: B-. I actually started off pretty poorly with this goal with several nights getting to bed after 11, but I greatly improved in the last couple of weeks, even going to bed by 9 on a couple of occasions. I actually haven’t had the desire to stay up past 10 lately, so maybe this is becoming a habit now!
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September Wellness Goals

  • Continue working hard in physical therapy. Recovering from my Runner’s Knee(s) is still a big priority for me. I’m currently on a running break and focusing on cross training and strength training, so I will continue to put in the work in the PT office and at home so that I can be strong enough to resume half marathon training!
  • Get back to a consistent yoga practice. I have been desperately missing yoga. I’ve been pretty stressed throughout the summer and I really need some grounding; I always feel better after a yoga practice. I was actually pretty consistent with it at the start of the year but now it’s completely gotten away with me. I do wonder if I’ll notice any improvements once I get back in the habit? I look forward to it, and this will be a great way to get that sorely needed “me time”!
  • Limit time on mindless social media apps. The scrolling has gotten out of control. Instagram has been addictive for a while, but lately, Twitter has sucked me into its web. I realize how much time I waste on social media, but then I keep doing the same thing the next day! This month I am going to consciously keep my distance. Even if I end up binging a new show on Netflix, it would be a much healthier use of my time.

How did you do with your wellness goals in August? What goals have you set for September?

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