Runfessions – January 2022

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | running

Jan 28

I hope you’re doing well and your year has been off to a great start!

Thankfully, I don’t have too much to complain about, but I always look forward to the last Friday of the month so that I can release a few runfessions, aka running confessions! It’s a fun way to catch up and relieve a little bit of stress, haha!

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Runfessions for January

My “run when I feel like it” lifestyle ain’t so bad!

After running the Philadelphia Half Marathon last November, I declared that I would be taking a long break from training, and that’s absolutely been the case. It is so liberating to not be on a training plan. I’ve been trying to run about 2 days a week, and I have had some of the most enjoyable runs that I’ve had in months. I don’t know if it’s also because it’s winter, which is my absolute favorite time to run, but I’m feeling so much better. I’ve also had more stroller runs, which I really missed. I’m just glad that it’s been working out!

Instagram is getting on my nerves

IG and I have always had a complicated relationship LOL, but now it’s getting out of hand with all of the Reels and TikTok videos. My entire Instagram feed is filled with Reels. Literally. I don’t see anyone’s photos anymore. All my favorite people that I actually like to follow – I don’t see their stuff. So I guess the good thing is that I’m not going to be wasting as much time scrolling on IG. It just seems like everyone’s trying to go viral…where’s the authenticity? I’ll just stop before I say too much…

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I’m avoiding using the Peloton app…

I don’t have a Peloton (because I’m too cheap), but my brother does and he sent me the 2-month trial to use the app. I have to runfess that I haven’t downloaded the app yet because I feel like it’ll be too overwhelming. I know that they have guided runs, yoga classes, boot camps…but for some reason, I can’t will myself to take the leap. Any suggestions on how to make it not so intimidating? Where should I begin? I struggle when I have too many choices!

What runfessions would you share with me from this past month?

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