Hot Chocolate 15K Philadelphia Recap

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Apr 06

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What an experience! Last Saturday, I ran the Hot Chocolate 15K race in Philadelphia and I’m still in disbelief at how well the race went! I felt like I was going in completely unprepared and undertrained, but was so pleased with my performance and outcome. I’m excited to share my full race recap with you!

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Hot Chocolate 15K Philadelphia Recap

The Hot Chocolate 15K was my first race of 2022. After having a very busy fall racing season last year, I really wanted to take a step back and focus on shorter distances – no half marathons! I was excited to get the opportunity to run with the Bibrave team and was so tempted to sign up for the 5K, but I’m glad I followed my gut and signed up for the 9.3 miles! I probably started being more intentional with my runs in February and I have to runfess that my longest training run was only 6.2 miles!

The Night Before

As usual, I was a complete wreck before the race. I admit that I’ve struggled with my confidence. It has been humbling to see my pace not return to its pre-pregnancy levels, and that’s putting it nicely lol. The Philly Half and even the Gettysburg Half were two experiences where I just felt mentally off despite months of training. So how could I expect a race to go well without training?

Race Morning

I had planned to drive to the race on my own, but Bret offered to drop me off while he and Evelyn spent the morning together. This was a huge load off my mind, but I wasn’t sure exactly when we’d need to leave, where the detours would be, how the traffic would be…ugh! The 5K started at 7:15 but the 15K started at 8 am, so I knew getting to Eakins Oval around 7:30 would give me enough time to mentally prepare. Bret dropped me off on Spring Garden around 22nd Street and I headed over while the 5K was well in progress. I hoped to be finished by 10 am.

HC 15K pre race
Waiting to get started!

The Starting Line

After all the security detail for the Philly Marathon weekend, I was shocked to see how I could just stroll up to the racing area without a second glance, but it saved me some time! I headed to the potty and then enjoyed the music from the DJ and the energy from the other runners before heading to Corral I. I had plenty of time to warm up (which I needed) since it was pretty windy out there!

Here’s a live video that I actually shared before lining up! And by 8:08 am, I was off!

Miles 1-5

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been using the Peloton app and have been surprised to enjoy the audio on my outdoor runs. I decided to “stack” a couple of the runs, one 60 minutes and one 45 minutes, to get me through the race. I wasn’t planning to push the pace when they instructed, I just wanted the music and moral support.

So when I set off, I really wanted to be intentional – pay attention to my form, don’t go too fast, don’t zone out. I saw the 11:30 pacers and I wanted to stay in that range. I didn’t actually do the math on what pace I needed but had in my head that it was a pace I could handle. Most of the course is flat, but when we turned off Kelly Drive to head over one of the bridges – I think it was the Girard Avenue Bridge – we had our first incline. I was proud to run the whole way up. I was feeling pretty good and properly fueled. I was so happy to see my pace so controlled!

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Splits: 11:11, 11:22, 11:22, 11:13, 11:08.

Miles 6-Finish

Once we crossed the bridge, we headed over to MLK Drive which would send us on an out-and-back before going back the way we came. I was feeling really good, guys! The 11:30 pacer was in my sights but I swear they were going faster than that, closer to 11, and sometimes I had moments where the watch said sub-11! I saw two fellow Bibrave Pros, Rachee and Ken, and that gave me a boost. The turnaround point was somewhere around 5.5 miles and my running buddy from work Claire was out there cheering on the runners. I was so happy to see her, once I got out of my daze!

The Peloton app was so helpful, Becs kept me pushing and I honestly felt like my running form was the best that I can remember – it just seemed like my arms and legs were gliding me along! Of course, I had to go up another hill to go back over the bridge, but I handled that too! I was a little worried I would run out of steam but I did my best to finish strong and fly to the finish!

Splits: 11:00, 10:54, 11:11, 10:26, 9:58 (last 0.4).

Race Results

My official results were 1:44:34. My watch clocked me at 9.49 miles. I was so proud and pleased! Finally, a race where I felt like “me” again. Four years ago, I ran this race as part of my 20-mile training run before the New Jersey Marathon. So much has changed since then, but I’m grateful to have had another positive experience!

After the Race

HC15K finisher's mug

After the race, I grabbed my hot chocolate and treats (including a banana this time!) and called Bret to let him know I finished. They didn’t make it back in time to see me finish, so we hurried back home as quickly as possible so that they could get ready to go to E’s swimming class at the Y. I actually did some Peltoton stretches when I got home and vegged on the couch as long as I could after that!


The Hot Chocolate race is back and it was such a great time. Now that I’ve enjoyed this race twice, I’m going to need to participate more frequently! It was very well organized and a lot of fun. The running community just brings me so much joy! Find one of these races in your city and enjoy!


  • Free race photos. Always a great perk! They had the option to purchase higher quality photos, but free was good enough for me!
  • Improved course. If I remember correctly, the old course did not run on Kelly Drive at all – the detour was made due to some construction on MLK, and I actually think it made the race better! And yay to smooth streets with NO potholes this year!
  • Well organized. Mile markers were pretty good despite the wind, aid stations were well stocked. I have no complaints!
  • Good crowd support. There were some quiet sections on the run, but because it’s such a big race, you never felt alone. There were lots of spectators cheering, especially near the start and finish.


  • Pricy registration. You do get a lot of swag with this race, but if I was running the 5K, I would not want to pay over $50 to run.
  • Very much a machine/corporation. The race wasn’t even a week ago and I already can’t locate my results or race photos, thank goodness I downloaded them! On to the next race, I guess…


Hot chocolate race Philadelphia 15K

I am just absolutely grateful to everyone who has wished me well, especially through my postpartum running journey. Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration! And a special shoutout to my Running Club at work – it has been great getting together with them again, especially for those longer miles that need a little boost!

So what’s next for me? I have NO idea! I keep saying I want to do more trail races but I haven’t added any to my list this year. I definitely want to get more consistent with my running and keep doing what I’m doing since it seems to be working! I’ll let you know what I decide!

Have you ever had a surprisingly successful race? How was that experience?

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