July Wellness Goals

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Jul 06

I hope you’re doing well! Summer is well underway, and with a new month, I’m looking forward to setting new goals and getting things done! I’m happy to share my wellness goals for July, plus a reflection on the last quarter!

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Q2 2022 Wellness Recap

Looking back at my post on April wellness goals, I remembered sharing a quarterly recap for the start of 2022. Coincidentally, here I am 3 months later able to do the same sort of recap!


I had goals to get more sleep, keep active on the Peloton app, and cut back on my sugary sweets. I did pretty well overall! I still had some sub-6-hour nights of sleep (ugh), but I had many more nights back in the 7 and even 8-hour range. I did a good amount of workouts on Peloton (and I ended up keeping the membership!). I’m sure I tried to avoid Twizzlers but sometimes it’s just necessary lol. The start of April was my only race this year, Hot Chocolate 15K. I’m still so proud that it went so well!


In May I had a family vacation in Asheville, NC for the first week of the month, and it was so great to do so much running and hiking (not to mention getting away from it all!!). Bret and I hiked Mount Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi River at 6,684 feet. Of course, my Garmin died during the ascent – but it was SO tough, 6 miles and 4 hours to complete with the risk of bears at any turn (thankfully we didn’t see any, though I did see their footprints on part of our trail!). Our newly purchased hiking poles were the MVP for sure! What an experience!


In June I was hoping to do more walking, which I did set out to do though I wasn’t as consistent as I liked. Work was extremely stressful and I didn’t take the best care of myself. Plus, E has been having quite the sleep regression…so all those hours of “freedom” before bedtime that I used to have had been pretty much nonexistent. Though one highlight is that my sister and I drove E to her first trip to Buffalo, our hometown. She finally got to meet her grandfather, great-grandmother, aunts/uncles, and cousins. There were some emotional moments as we visited my mother’s grave site, but this was a truly rewarding trip for all of us.

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July Wellness Goals

  • Work out in the office gym once a week. When I say I hadn’t been taking care of myself at work, this is one of the things I want to do about it. I need to create space to recharge, rather than grinding at my desk all day long. We have a gym and it has served me well over the years, so I look forward to getting back on that treadmill, especially with the summer we’ve had so far!
  • Focus on overall self-care while balancing work and home life. What is it about being a mom that makes me feel like I have to put myself last? I was in a real funk last month, so I’m looking forward to getting back to doing things that I enjoy, such as reading, getting outside for a run or walk, and hopefully finally getting the mani/pedi that’s been on my calendar for the past 6 months!! Do you have any light, fun books that you’d recommend reading?
  • Avoid late-night snacking. I’m pretty self-aware about my junk food habits, and the late night snacking has become a comfort for me with the stressful days and nights that I’ve had, especially recently. E is still sleeping hours past her bedtime each night, but I don’t want to use it as an excuse. I got some good advice to pair my sweets with a more wholesome option, like an apple with cookie butter instead of half the jar haha. So I definitely want to do that when worst comes to worst!

What are your wellness and fitness goals for July?

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