Runfessions – September 2022

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | running

Sep 30

I hope you’re doing well! It’s been quite some time since I’ve shared updates on the running front, and since it’s the last Friday of the month, it seemed fitting to jump back into Marcia’s Runfessions! It’s a fun way for folks to bare their “soles”. Keep reading to see what I’m runfessing for September!

September Runfessions

I’m dealing with Plantar Fasciitis Again

I’ve been so annoyed and frustrated because fall is giving us some PERFECT running weather, but I can barely tolerate an outdoor walk because my left foot is battling plantar fasciitis. I haven’t seen a doctor or physical therapist, but since this is the 3rd time I’ve had this issue, I was able to make my own diagnosis. I have to runfess that while I was initially doing a pretty consistent job of stretching my calves and icing, and even pulled out the night splint to wear to bed, I started to feel defeated as my pain didn’t improve, so I haven’t really been doing much to treat it these past couple of weeks. Bad Janelle.

The FOMO is strong

I think I’ve been MIA on Instagram because seeing all the happy runners smashing their goals is a little bit too much for me right now. I loved seeing all the good news about the Berlin Marathon – lots of PR’s and world records broken – but I just felt so envious and wished I could be back on a race course.

I do have a race coming up

A while back we signed up for the Run Now Wine Later 5K. It’s become an annual favorite of ours. Normally it’s held in September but this year it’ll be in early October, this coming Sunday. Last year, I pushed E in the stroller and literally got stung by a bee on the course. Lately, she’s NOT interested in sitting in the stroller for any reason so I still don’t know how that’s going to work. Plus, considering the whole foot thing, I probably shouldn’t run at all right? What would you do?

I’m starting to look to the spring

2022 has been an extremely light year for me when it comes to running and racing. After the way 2021 was so hectic, I did need a bit of a step back, but I didn’t intend to fall off as much as I have this year. While I’m currently slacking on my PF recovery, I do plan to step it up in the remainder of this year and do what I can to start training again. The Philadelphia Trail Half Marathon is on April 23 and I would love to be healthy enough to train for it over the winter!

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I left the FitBit Family and got a Garmin smartwatch!

I was frustrated with my FitBit bands falling apart so easily and having to replace my device every couple of years, so I decided to upgrade and switch to a Garmin Lily. It’s so pretty, and I’ve been using the Garmin 235 running watch for years, but I’ll runfess that it’s been quite a transition to the Garmin ecosystem. I love the measurement of stress and the body battery (which is extremely accurate based on how I’ve been feeling lately!) but the sleep metrics are awful – it always overestimates the amount of sleep I get, which is not helpful at all. I definitely took for granted how accurate the FitBit sleep metrics were. I’m still in my 30 day trial, but I’m pretty sure I’ll stick with it. Any Garmin users have tips on how to have a better experience?

I absolutely love the design!

Peloton has become a good friend

I’ve continued to enjoy my Peloton app subscription. I will runfess that I’ve been doing cycling workouts on the exercise bike at work, but it’s a hot mess lol. I have no idea how to correspond the metrics to my non-spinning bike, and the bike has seen better days. But I’ve still been having fun and getting in a good workout! We’re going to be getting a Peloton bike in our upgraded gym at work and I’m super excited to finally try it out! I’ve been enjoying Ally Love’s tabata classes. I did a couple of Tunde’s but they were too intense!! Who do you like?

What runfessions do you have to share?

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