Q1 2023 Wellness Goals

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Jan 04

Happy New Year!! I hope that your 2023 is off to a peaceful start. I am so glad that last year is over – it was a LOT. And one of the consequences of having that difficult year is that I hardly wrote any blog posts at all. Seriously, 2022 was probably my least productive blogging year ever, and I hate that!

But regardless, it’s a new year, and I’m looking forward to being more realistic with my blogging goals and making certain posts on a quarterly vs. monthly basis to keep myself honest. For the first time I’m sharing my wellness goals in this format, and I hope you like it!

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Q4 2022 Wellness Recap

The last time that I did a wellness goals recap was in September of 2022, which fell right before the final quarter of 2022. I can tell you at that time, I had a lot going on and I wasn’t really as goal-oriented in my life as I wanted to be. Still, here’s a quick recap!

September 2022 Goals

  • Follow a dedicated fitness calendar. Grade: B-. I started using a fitness calendar that I designed myself, but I was never really consistent. I tried using apps and reminders to complement the calendar but it just wouldn’t stick. Fortunately, I started back running(!) in December and working with Coach Laura is an automatic way to keep my fitness on track! Now things are feeling structured in the way that works well for me.
  • Stop social media usage after dinner. Grade: D. I think I did see this through in September, but it didn’t last. I still spend WAY too many evenings before bed scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, following the latest celebrity gossip and crazy conspiracies. I know that this is a huge waste of my time (and sleep!), so with the new year, I plan to clean up my act.
  • Read 4 books in September. Grade: A. I did read 4 books: All Boys Aren’t Blue, Yes Please, Bossypants, and Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology. I didn’t carry a reading goal into the following months, but I wish I had because I definitely diminished my reading output.

Q1 2023 Wellness Goals

Q1 2023 Wellness Goals - Run With No Regrets
  • Successfully complete my Peloton challenges. Peloton fitness has been fantastic for me, I totally get the hype! For January, there is a goal to take a class on all 31 days of the month, and I’d also like to do at least 5 strength classes. I’m sure there will be similar goals in the months ahead but in general, whenever I do choose to commit to a Pelton challenge, I want to complete it!
  • Develop a plan for intermittent fasting and track progress. Bret has been interested in IF for a long time and I decided to finally see for myself what it’s all about and educate myself before deciding to give it a try. I read Fast, Feast, Repeat (Amazon link) over the holiday and I’m intrigued. It does feel like a LOT of work, but I want to see if this is something that will work for me. If you’ve done IF, do you have any tips?
  • Plan and prepare at least 1 meal per month with new Ninja Foodi. I gifted myself a Ninja Foodi (Amazon link) and it does a million things – air fryer, slow cooker, pressure cooker, yogurt maker…and I am hoping this will help make meals much quicker and easier! I am hoping that this is a very conservative goal and that once I figure out to use it, I’ll want to use it all the time. So hopefully these baby steps will make the appliance a lot less intimidating for the next few months!
  • Keep work life and home life separate. We spend so much time during our adult lives at work, and it often can seep into our daily lives…but it shouldn’t be that way. Last year was extremely stressful for me at work and I refuse to carry that back into my home life in 2023. So I will work very hard to maintain this boundary.
  • Continue prioritizing self-care and quality alone time. It feels so stereotypical but since becoming a mom, things have changed a lot in this regard. I’ve been saying I’m going to get a pedicure for at least 6 months and counting. I’ve shopped for new clothes, but I still need to make some replacements/upgrades. So I am going to be much more intentional about making consistent hair and nail salon appointments, hiring a babysitter, blogging, etc. And even though Frasier is my ultimate comfort show, it’s time to branch out with some new options and/or end my evenings with a good book or podcast! As a 90’s kid, I’m currently enjoying Pod Meets World.
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Do you have any wellness or fitness goals to kick off the new year?

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