Weekly Run Down: The Longest January Ever!

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Jan 28

I’ve seen a few memes about how we’re in the 9th month of January, and I’m starting to see what they mean. Shouldn’t we be in February by now?

I’m so glad to be back blogging (and let it STICK this time!), and now it’s time for another Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah! I love keeping up with everyone and seeing how they’re doing with their running and workouts!


Weekly Run Down: Longest January Ever

Sunday 1/21: Went out for a long-overdue run thanks to all of the snowy and icy weather finally coming to a stop and took a chance by going to Forbidden Drive to hit the trail. Thankfully, the surface was perfect for running even in my regular running shoes, and I had the most joyful run! I was proud to run over 6 miles! I followed up with 10 minutes of foam rolling focused on calves and glutes with Rebecca. Hannah’s normally my girl for foam rolling, but I’ve enjoyed how Rebecca mixes it up too.

Monday 1/22: Rest day for sure. I started the day with a 10-minute breathing meditation from Kirra Michelle. I did a little food prep, made my smoothies for the week. I’m still working on getting a good groove for easy, ready to make dinners. I’ve been tempted to look back at Hello Fresh or another similar company. Any recommendations that have worked for you?

Tuesday 1/23: Did a 30-minute barre class with Hannah Corbin on Peloton. It’s the first time I’ve done barre in AGES, so I was nervous about how I’d be able to handle it, but it went really well and wasn’t too tough! I haven’t consistently done barre since my pregnancy in 2019 so it felt good to get back into it.

Wednesday 1/24: I had to wake up extra early to make sure I could sign E up for the YMCA summer camp that opened at 6 am. For the rest of the day I was pretty tired, so other than a 10-minute morning meditation with Aditi, I didn’t do any workouts.

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Thursday 1/25: After work I had some errands and a meetup event with the preschool kids and parents, and that ended up being pretty exhausting by the time we got home! At least I got in my 10 minutes of calming meditation with Kristen McGee first thing in the morning.

Friday 1/26: I was set to go out for either a run or a walk, and even dressed for the occasion, but I was completely swamped with work and didn’t make the time to get out there.

Saturday 1/27: I was committed to getting out for a run as early as possible, and I did it! My goal was to do 4 miles. After Sunday’s long run, I didn’t want to push too hard. I was just happy the snow was all melted and the temperature was much more comfortable. I had Marcel’s 45-minute run to keep me company, and while I did get to pick things up near the end, I felt pretty sluggish with heavy legs on this run. I did have one drink the night before so it may have impacted things, lol!

Weekly Report Card

It’s been so long since I’ve graded my week, so I am a little rusty! The weather and the busyness of the work week made it harder to be as active as I liked, but I’m glad I got in 1 Peloton strength workout. I may try to squeeze in a 20-30 minute run or workout today, so we’ll see! Considering everything I’ve been juggling, I’m going to give myself an A- for this past week!

How was your week? Is January dragging for you too?

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