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Nov 08

RWNR Updates: Running Bloggers, Instagram and I Won EnergyBits!

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | blogging

What a busy week it’s been!  There has been a LOT going on, in the real world, and the blogging world.  I haven’t posted in awhile because I’ve been keeping my head down the past few days and working on making Run With No Regrets the best it can be!

First the real world stuff:  I had a crazy busy week of working out!  I had physical therapy on Monday, Wednesday and Friday after work, Core and More (cardio kickboxing) Class on Wednesday during lunch, and Boot Camp on Tuesday and Thursday.  I’m sooo sore now…Boot Camp day especially kicked my butt!  I’ll be writing all about it very soon!

Next, I have joined the Running Bloggers network!  And there’s now a pretty badge on this page.

running bloggers badge

This is a way for me to really get Run With No Regrets on the map!  I’ve found some great running blogs to follow thanks to the site, and now I’m hoping others will find me since that I’m affiliated with the Running Bloggers!

I have also joined Instagram!  Follow me at runwithnoregrets!  If you look on the sidebar, you should see the photos I’ve taken so far.  I haven’t posted anything exciting yet, just a couple of my breakfasts and a look inside my typical workouts.  I plan to use Instagram to promote the blog, and I’ll be using the hashtag #RWNR.  Thanks to my sis for the suggestion!

Lastly, I’m so excited that I won a Giveaway for Energy Bits from one of my favorite blogs, Life’s Philsophie!  Thanks Sophie!!  They haven’t come in the mail yet, but when they do, I’ll be sure to tell you how I like them!

It’s my first Fitness Friday linkup too!  So happy to be here and looking forward to meeting new people!  Thanks to everyone who has dropped by to read the blog, and thanks for all the Blog Lovin’!

Are you on Instagram?  What types of fitness-related pages do you follow?  How do you handle working out 5 days in a row?  Let me know with a comment!

Nov 02

My Running Gait Analysis with Tracy Peal Speed

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | review , running

After all of the issues I’ve had with running shoes over the past year, I keep thinking that if I can just get my running form correct, everything will fall into place.

So I’ve finally been able to get my running gait analyzed by a professional!  Kim, my physical therapist, set me up to participate in a gait analysis session at Novacare as part of a lecture being held by Mr. Tracy Peal of Tracy Peal Speed.  He is an expert on biomechanics and provides coaching to all kinds of athletes.

Learning about how your gait affects your running! #runchat Click To Tweet

Learn what happens when you go for a running gait analysis!

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Oct 30

Five Things I Learned After 3 Rounds of Physical Therapy

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | fitness , injury prevention

As I wind down into my final couple of weeks of Physical Therapy I’ve started to reflect on how much time and energy I’ve spent rehabbing my body in the past 15(!) months.  MY PT timeline:

  • Round 1: July – August 2012.  Was diagnosed with “Runner’s Knee” after experiencing awful knee pain during an intense few months of training and racing.
  • Round 2: March – May 2013.  Developed a stress fracture in my right foot after changing my running gait and shoes to “improve” my form.
  • Round 3: September – November 2013.  Developed plantar fasciitis after slowly starting back running in new shoes and freaked out after feeling foot pain after a 5K.

So here are the Top Five Physical Therapy Tips I’ve learned after all of my experiences…

Are you struggling with an injury? Learn some physical therapy tips that will make sure you're back on your feet as soon as possible! Find more tips for runners at!

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Oct 20

Latest Nutrition Session…Same Plan, New Method

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | nutrition

After a lot of cancellations, I was finally able to see my dietitian for a follow up  last Wednesday since being put on a 1900 calorie diet plan.  As I mentioned before, the first plan worked great, and I lost 6 pounds.

But September didn’t go as well.  I ended up losing 2 more pounds, which was not the goal.  I was supposed to maintain my diet, but it became increasingly difficult to write down all of my meals, day after day after day.  Usually at work I’d start off great, but once I got home, I got lazy, and didn’t feel like writing it all down.  On top of that, we spent a lot more time going out to eat.

I’ve been struggling with coming up with creative snacks and my lunches overall have been boring (PB&J every day), so instead, we’ve worked out a few options for each meal that I can have the freedom to choose, as long as I keep up with the correct number of food groups in each meal.  Then I keep track of what I’ve eaten throughout the day, and if I miss a serving earlier in the day, I can make adjustments to make it up by the end of the day.

For example – for breakfast, I should have one bread/starch, one fruit, one dairy, and one meat.  So to satisfy this, I had one serving of low-sugar apple cinnamon oatmeal with 8 oz of almond milk,  a 4 oz glass of orange juice and a handful of peanuts.  Surprisingly this meal really filled me up.

I think that this new method will be much better for me.  While my first couple of days started well, I have to admit, this weekend I haven’t been doing the greatest job…we had a lot of toasting and celebrating to do.  But I will buckle down and keep committed!

It’s time to get more groceries, so I’m looking forward to adding the following new snack items to the list:

  • Animal crackers and whole grain crackers
  • Laughing Cow cheese wedges
  • Baby Carrots (not my favorite but I’ll keep trying)
  • KIND bars (work as a fruit and meat serving)
  • Frozen yogurt
  • Low calorie ice cream bars
  • Sugar-free pudding
On another note, I’ve made some changes to the site so it should be easier for anyone to leave a comment.  So I hope that you can let me know your thoughts!  Do you have any favorite healthy snacks that you recommend?