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Aug 04

So I’m on a Diet….

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | nutrition

Hey hey… I’m heading home after a day trip in NYC with some good time to wrote an update. In a previous entry I mentioned my first time seeing the dietitian and I think this is one of the best decisions I ever made.

After the first visit, my boyfriend and I stocked up on some delicious fruits and veggies at Reading Terminal Market. I also picked up some peanuts to add to my protein regimen. When I went to a birthday party and wedding in the same weekend, I carefully selected my choices to follow the new rules. The main thing is, I’m thinking before I eat.

During my second visit, we got down and dirty. We talked about my personal goal, which is to go from my current weight to 130 pounds. The good news is that in a week a lost a half pound!

Since August 1, I have been logging my meals. I write down what I eat,  what time I eat, how many calories I consume approximately, then how many servings of each food group I consume. Then it gets tallied up at the end of the day and I see if I made the mark.

Here’s a pic of my first day:

My first meal log…a good start that I need to maintain!

The hardest thing right now is: realizing I have to limit my time at bars and restaurants, which is a huge hobby of mine since I love to eat and socially drink! In addition to that, I’m now required to limit myself to 1 alcoholic drink per week. I had actually planned to do this on my own as a personal challenge to save my waistline, but now I have further incentive. So the social aspect of my life will and has already changed.

So I had 3 meals out at restaurants in the past 2 days and let me tell you… Not gonna work! Even when I pick these nice, healthier establishments it’s hard to know exactly what I’m eating. I had a mysterious mixed drink last night. And I don’t know what kinds of butters and oils were cooked in the food. I’m definitely eating better than before, but I need to break out my cookbook. I went for brunch in NYC and got silver dollar pancakes. They gave me like 10 of them and there was a dollop of cream I had to avoid. The strawberries and blueberries were yummy though, and the turkey bacon was great. I gotta get used to this blogging thing and take pics to share!  But I think you get my point…

It’s also really hard to be at a bar, like I was last night, and NOT get something to drink without seeming like some kind of cheapskate or weirdo.  So I ended up ordering a beer.  I’m trying not to feel guilty about these things, but it’s just best to stay out of these environments and away from these temptations.

So here’s the deal: I’m on a diet now.  I could pretend that I’m not, but I am. For me to reach 130, I’ll be aiming for 1500 calories a day: 3 carbs, 3 fruits, 4+ veggies, 2-3 dairy, 4 meat/meat substitutes and less than 1 fat a day and less than one “junk” a week.

I really want to do well with this, see if I can succeed and sustain a completely healthy lifestyle as long as I live. I know most people look at me and think I’m skinny or tiny, but that doesn’t last forever. And I can’t rely on solely running/working out to stay “healthy” especially when I seem susceptible to injury (i.e. knees 2012, foot 2013).

I’ll be doing this until my next dietitian appointment on August 21. I’m excited to see where I end up! I hope that talking about my triumphs and struggles with getting serious about nutrition helps you too. I’m hoping it becomes more natural as I continue on these next 3 weeks.

Tell me, what tips do you have for sticking with your “diet”?

Aug 01

Reaching for that Perfect Run

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | running

Everyone has to agree that the best feeling as a runner is when you have the “perfect run”.  Everything gels:  your pace is solid, your legs feel strong and not heavy, and nothing can stop you…you feel your hard work paying off and you have no regrets! For me, this week has been the first in a VERY long time where I felt those perfect moments.

Last Saturday morning we had our regular Running Club run.  My boyfriend, my coworker and I ran together on our usual route, aiming for about 4 miles.  For once, the weather was working for us and just felt “perfect”.   And also for once, I was able to keep up with the boys beyond the first mile and a half.  I even passed them a couple of times! 

Here were my splits on Saturday:

  • Mile 1:  11:27
  • Mile 2:  11:02
  • Mile 3:  10:51
  • Mile 4:  10:41
  • Mile 5:  10:06

Negative splits???!  This never happens.  I’ve been chilling at 12 minute miles for some time now, so I’m genuinely surprised that I pulled this off!  While I felt good, I did push myself.  I kept telling myself to keep going as I listened to each footfall, somehow moving faster with each mile.  I’m just really proud of myself…I’m finally seeing results and I couldn’t be happier!

I ran on Monday too, just on the treadmill for my usual gym workout.  I kept a flat incline and gradually increased the pace until reaching about 11 min/mile.   I’ve kind of fallen off the burpee challenge, but I did my usual lunges, hip strengthening, and ab work.

Then on Tuesday I had another Running Club run, this time with one of our new members for about 2 miles.  I don’t know what pipe we were smoking, but we started off REALLY FAST (for us).  We were at 10.5 min/mile pace within the first half mile.  It was craaazy!  We had to walk for about a quarter mile after that for his sake, then pick back up.  I was actually bummed because my legs were feeling great!  But I was glad to be there with him, and we had a good time.

I’m starting to feel like I’m back in the groove again!  I do have some imperfections that I will probably dedicate entries to (new pain in both arches), but so far, so good!

Jul 17

My First Nutrition Counseling Session with a Dietitian

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | nutrition

Hey hey!  I’ve been busy moving into my new apartment (and cleaning out my old apartment), so I haven’t been able to sit down and write here at Run With No Regrets.

I have still been working out, of course.  Two weeks ago I ran close to 10 miles, which these days is a lot for me!  We’ve been suffering stifling heat and humidity, which naturally slows you down…but I made the most of it.  Unfortunately, I started to feel some foot pain, so I think it may have been a bit too much too soon, so I eased up last week as I lead up to last weekend’s physically demanding move.

So back to subject matter, Nutrition Counseling.  In my last post, I agonized about choosing a dietitian.  Well, I finally took the plunge and picked one named Danielle.  We had our first meeting on Wednesday for about an hour.  It was so much information for me to take in!

After filling out some forms, I gave Danielle an idea of my typical meals throughout the day.  I stepped on the scale to discover that I’m now 137 pounds (I will talk about that later).  Here are the highlights of what I’ve learned:

  • Eat every 2-4 hours:  breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack
  • Have last snack no more than 3 hours before bed
  • Eat protein in every meal
  • For lunch and dinner, use the plate method:  50% veggies, 33% protein, 17% starches
  • Food servings should fit in the palm of your hand
  • Eat 90-95% lean beef
  • Pair up fruits with proteins for snacks, like apples and peanut butter

So now the challenge is to APPLY what I’ve learned.  I told my dietitian that the hardest thing for me is discipline!  This weekend I’m going to shop for healthy snacks like hummus, carrots, Greek yogurt, eggs (hard boiled).

What do you like to eat as a healthy snack?  Any suggestions? Here’s to healthy eating!

Jul 16

Searching for a Dietitian…

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | nutrition

I had a pretty decent workout today.  I’m fortunate that my job has a gym onsite, and for $20 a year I have access to cardio equipment, weight machines, and Judge Judy on TV.

So today after work, I did two sets of 15 burpees with push ups (so surprised I could do them!), some lunges while carrying a medicine ball, ran 2.85 miles on the treadmill, stretched, light ab work with the medicine ball again, and ended with some clams for hip strengthening.

I had never used the medicine ball before, but found a site that had tons of great exercises.  I will definitely add these to the mix when I’m at the gym!

Post-workout, I’m feeling pretty good, but my feet are sore.  I wore my new Asics, which I’ve already discussed at length…but I’m still pretty sensitive to heavy impact since the stress fracture.  A good massage and maybe a little ice should do the trick!
Another great thing about my workplace is that we have access to Nutrition Counseling for 6 free sessions with our insurance.  I have been chomping at the bit to get signed up, but I still haven’t had a session…

I want to get nutritional help from a dietitian for a variety of reasons:

  1. Learn to eat a balanced diet.
  2. Become less dependent on eating out…i.e. cook for myself!
  3. Learn how to eat and get lean during race training.
  4. Save money!!
  5. Find a plan or philosophy that will keep me committed to eating healthy!
I spent a ton of time today trying to figure out which dietitian to use and I’m at a standstill. Do I want the older woman with holistic health emphasis, or a younger woman who works with athletes?  Who would I relate to better, who would best fit my needs?

Anyone have insights on ways to achieve better nutrition? I’m already a member of myfitnesspal but I always fall off from logging my meals. I’d love to add more friends, just add a comment!  Am I over thinking who to choose for counseling? Let me know what you think!