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Feb 10

Weekly Recap: I Am A Runner Feature!

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | blogging

As you probably know by now, the past couple of weeks I’ve been sick.  I’ve still got a horrible cough that won’t go away, but I’ve been taking those spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar so I hope it’ll clear up soon!

It’s a new week, so it’s that time when I recap my workouts from the last week.  Check out how other bloggers put their #bestfoot forward over at Run to the Finish!

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Jan 20

Weekly Recap: I’m a Healthy Living Blogger!

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | blogging

Happy Monday…what a nice, long weekend!  Today is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and every year I participate in the Day of Service.  You can usually find me at at a school or community center doing some painting, cleaning, or organizing. This is the first year my boyfriend and I will be doing something together, which means a lot to me since we are literally living “The Dream”.

The weekend was very fun and relaxing.  B and I got together with one of our favorite couples on Friday night and did something that I rarely do…bar hopped!  We had a good time catching up since they’re currently in wedding planning/chaos mode.  We had dinner at one of the newest pizza places, Pizzeria Vetri!  People at the table near us recommended we try the Rotolo and all I can say is WOW!  Great pizza too and at a good price.  I’ll definitely go back!

On Saturday we went to one of the most pathetic Penn basketball games that I can remember.  I could go on for days, but our performance against St. Joe’s was pathetic.  The Hawks went 13-15 from 3 in the first half, most of which were wide open.  All of our starters were benched.  Unbelievable!

Blog Update

In blogging news, I’ve joined a new blogging network.  Run With No Regrets is now a Healthy Living Blog!  Everything hasn’t gone through yet (i.e. I’m still not in their directory), but I’m in!  I look forward to interacting with the site and hopefully getting to know more people!

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Dec 17

Weekly Recap: Strong Workouts and a Relaxing Weekend

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | blogging

Happy Monday everyone!  My weekend was so relaxing, and it was much needed after a VERY stressful week.  On Friday I went to 2 holiday parties and ate, drank and socialized to my heart’s content.  But on Saturday and Sunday, I vegged all day…I watched Chiefs Football and Nebraska Volleyball,  the first season of Homeland (what an amazing show!), and had the less pleasant activity of taking down my Senegalese twists, detangling, and washing my hair.  My shoulders are still aching from my hours of hard work!

My Boyfriend and I at a great Holiday Mixer!


Monday 12/9: 2.41 mile run on the treadmill, then hip strengthening exercises

Tuesday 12/10: Boot Camp Class, much more cardio intense, struggled through (too many burpees!)

Wednesday 12/11:  Core and More Class

Thursday 12/12:  Boot Camp Class, more focus on weights.  Upgraded myself to 8 pounds…tough!

I intended to run on Saturday morning with my running buddies, but we’ve had such COLD weather lately, and I had too much fun on Friday to get up before 8 am!

Blog Updates

Additionally, over the weekend I spent a lot of time reading various articles about how to make Run With No Regrets a better place!  As a new blogger (I just passed my 5 month blogiversary), there’s so much more I want to do…

  • I gave the site a facelift…how do you like the new color?  Hopefully it doesn’t hurt your eyes!
  • I created a Site Map for Run With No Regrets (RWNR) so that I’ll be easier to find.
  • I added a Contact Me section that includes a contact form and all my social media pages.
  • I’m adding a Recommendations Section to the bottom of each post, using Engageya.  I originally planned to use Shareable, but it’s not easily compatible for Blogger.
  • I’m learning to use PicMonkey!  What an amazing site, that allows you to edit photos for free!  I just used the program to make the picture above and it was so easy!
  • I’m also looking forward to trying out Share As Image to turn text into images!
  • And lastly, I want to learn how to make images using PowerPoint!  Figures that I use a Chromebook laptop which isn’t Windows-friendly…but I’ll make it work!

I hope these changes make RWNR a better place to be!  I appreciate everyone who has dropped by and shared their experiences…keep coming back!  I’m looking forward to increasing my engagement with you and getting to know other running bloggers out there!

How was your weekend?  Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?  Have you finished shopping yet (I haven’t!)?  If you blog, what resources have been helpful for you?

Nov 08

RWNR Updates: Running Bloggers, Instagram and I Won EnergyBits!

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | blogging

What a busy week it’s been!  There has been a LOT going on, in the real world, and the blogging world.  I haven’t posted in awhile because I’ve been keeping my head down the past few days and working on making Run With No Regrets the best it can be!

First the real world stuff:  I had a crazy busy week of working out!  I had physical therapy on Monday, Wednesday and Friday after work, Core and More (cardio kickboxing) Class on Wednesday during lunch, and Boot Camp on Tuesday and Thursday.  I’m sooo sore now…Boot Camp day especially kicked my butt!  I’ll be writing all about it very soon!

Next, I have joined the Running Bloggers network!  And there’s now a pretty badge on this page.

running bloggers badge

This is a way for me to really get Run With No Regrets on the map!  I’ve found some great running blogs to follow thanks to the site, and now I’m hoping others will find me since that I’m affiliated with the Running Bloggers!

I have also joined Instagram!  Follow me at runwithnoregrets!  If you look on the sidebar, you should see the photos I’ve taken so far.  I haven’t posted anything exciting yet, just a couple of my breakfasts and a look inside my typical workouts.  I plan to use Instagram to promote the blog, and I’ll be using the hashtag #RWNR.  Thanks to my sis for the suggestion!

Lastly, I’m so excited that I won a Giveaway for Energy Bits from one of my favorite blogs, Life’s Philsophie!  Thanks Sophie!!  They haven’t come in the mail yet, but when they do, I’ll be sure to tell you how I like them!

It’s my first Fitness Friday linkup too!  So happy to be here and looking forward to meeting new people!  Thanks to everyone who has dropped by to read the blog, and thanks for all the Blog Lovin’!

Are you on Instagram?  What types of fitness-related pages do you follow?  How do you handle working out 5 days in a row?  Let me know with a comment!