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Oct 12

Finally an Update, with a Winning Essay

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | nutrition

I have wanted to write an update every day since my last entry, which was well over a month ago.  So much has happened, and I will get into that.

But I first wanted to share some great news.  My company has an annual Health Fair, where employees can come and get health screenings, talk with dietitians, eat healthy food, and learn some fun dances.  It’s a really great time.  Another special feature of the Fair is that they have an Essay Contest, where employees can discuss how the Wellness Program has impacted their lives.  I decided that I would put my hat in the ring and write about my experiences.

So guess what, my essay won 1st Place!  With that I won $125, a free gym membership and a free fitness class at PGW.  There were 10 other entries and I never imagined that I would win the top prize.  I’m so grateful!

So for your “viewing pleasure”, here is my essay:

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Sep 01

How I Lost 6 Pounds in One Month

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | nutrition

On Wednesday, after many delays, I finally had that follow-up visit with Danielle, my dietitian.  And guess what, I have good news to share!  From July 31 to August 28, I dropped 6 pounds!  

I am so happy.  This was NOT easy for me.  I was on a 1500 calorie diet…that’s not much to work with!  I had lots of temptation around me, but I had to learn to say NO.

I had a trip to NYC, a trip to Buffalo, my BIRTHDAY, and a house party all in the month of August.

When I got to the office, I got on a fancy scale where it gave a ton of numbers, such as weight, metabolic rate, % body fat, muscle mass, etc.  Everything was in the right range.  My fat was very low and my muscle mass was very high.  Woo hoo!

We went over my food logs and while Danielle made some corrections on my calculations of portions, she said I did a great job.  She just reminded me that other than veggies, never have more than 2 servings of a food group on one sitting.  So I will definitely work on that!

Now I’m moved up to a 1900 calorie diet.  I am SO relieved!  I was not going to be able to hold on much longer.  So my daily servings have increased:

  • 4 breads
  • 3 fruits
  • 4+ veggies
  • 3 dairy
  • 6 meats/meat substitutes
  • <2 fats

While it may seem like “I’m done, I reached my target”…I still have to keep doing what I’m doing, keep logging my meals and make sure I’m in line with what I need to be healthy.

I just wanted to share my success!  I have another month to see if I can maintain this healthy diet.  I certainly don’t want to lose any more weight.  I will be exercising a lot more because my favorite Boot Camp class is starting up next week and I just signed up for a 10K (more on that later)…so I will keep working with Danielle to stay on the right track!

Life is good!

Hooray for healthy eating!

Aug 19

Diet Struggles…Is It Over Yet?!

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | nutrition

I was hoping I wouldn’t have a post like this, but reality has sunken in:  dieting is not easy.  It is especially not easy when you go home to your family and they want to feed you.  

To start from the beginning, I’ve started seeing a dietitian.  I actually only had 2 sessions with her thus far, and since August 1, I’ve been following a very specific diet plan in order to drop a few pounds.

I think for the first week, I was really aggressive about sticking to my diet, making sure I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.  I was probably unbearable to be around, but we had plenty of healthy food stocked and I was getting in a good groove.

But then things started to take a turn…August has been a very social month.  My boyfriend passed his CFA exam so we celebrated with drinks.  I went to NYC and had to make “smart” choices at restaurants.  Then I went to my hometown for a weekend full of baby back ribs, baked beans, potato salad and bacon cheeseburgers…not to mention a little bit of pizza and wings.  And this weekend was my birthday, so…shots anyone?

I knew that this would be difficult.  But I didn’t think that eating well would start feeling like a chore, and it kind of has!  As my bf always does, he’s given me a big old bag of Skittles for my birthday.  And there it is, sitting on the table.  The old me would’ve bust that bag by now!  Now I’ve got to scrounge for fruit and yogurt and other wholesome stuff!  What a drag! lol

I was really excited that this “diet experiment” would be winding down.  I was scheduled to meet with Danielle this Wednesday.  But guess what, my boss scheduled a meeting that conflicts, so now I have to wait a whole extra week before I weigh in and see where I stand.

I haven’t fallen off the wagon yet though.  While I feel super guilty when I eat “bad” food, I still think I’m doing a decent job.  I’m really ready for this to be over!

How do you cope with a diet?  How do you keep yourself motivated?  I’d love to hear suggestions!

Aug 07

Food Shopping Fun

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | nutrition

So, I’m home, munching on blueberries, enjoying the fact that I’m home “early” instead of running around doing random errands.

On Monday, I had quite the food shopping experience.  We were running VERY low on groceries so I took the opportunity to apply all of my knowledge about nutrition to buy some really healthy food!

My grocery store of choice is Shoprite.  I used to go to one in South Philly near my old work location, but since it’s so far from where I am now, I went to a closer spot.  Let me tell you…it is the most convoluted place I’ve ever been!  Poor design from the moment you come to the packed parking lot, and it just gets worse as NOTHING makes sense where it’s located.  And even better, everyone and their child was there…

Regardless of the craziness, I always get “in the zone” at the supermarket.  It is something I truly enjoy…always have and don’t know why!  For the most part I wanted to buy lean meats, healthy snacks, leafy veggies, fruits, yogurt and the like.  Whenever I shop, I ALWAYS make a list, using the weekly sales as a jumpoff point, then buying the staples that are never on sale (i.e. milk).  I’ve never been one to shop for food on impulse (though I can hardly resist Lay’s Garden Tomato and Basil chips….) so I wasn’t worried about cheating!

There are a few things I bought, which you can see below, that I’m really excited about.  I got a LOT of cheese:  Muenster, Sharp Cheddar, Gorgonzola, and my favorite…Goat Cheese!  I want to add the goat cheese crumbles into a nice salad along with the peppers, onions and spinach that I bought…with a LIGHT dressing of course.  I’m also excited about buying the healthy wheat bread that’s 45 calories a slice, finally trying out Greek yogurt, and buying real, non-instant oatmeal.  I tried it this morning with almond milk(!) but it was incredibly bland….so I’ll have to figure something out.

My groceries. I think I did a good job!

When I’m surrounded by healthy food, I do a good job of eating it.  But last night we went to dinner to celebrate my boyfriend passing his final CFA exam (woohoo!!).  So once again, I was surrounded by difficult choices.  I ended up getting the salmon “burger”, as it was called…and it was delicious!  But man do I miss eating fries on the side!So I think I got a pretty good haul, and it came to about $93.  We should be eating good for awhile…

While I’ve been on this diet, I do wonder if it’s working…I haven’t weighed myself yet and don’t plan to.  I want that “The Biggest Loser” moment when I step on the scale after 3 weeks and see what happens.  Maybe that’s foolish, but I don’t want to obsess about this any more than I already am.  I think I need to work on eating bigger breakfasts to avoid being so hungry in the morning.  I do cringe at the thought of Danielle reviewing my food journal and shaking her head at my no-nos….sigh!

I just have to tell myself, “No regrets!”