Aug 14

Hometown Running

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | running

There’s no place like home, as the old saying goes. This past weekend I was back in my hometown of Buffalo, New York for a high school band reunion. My boyfriend was kind enough to come along for the ride.

I was able to show him around town and give him a taste of the place where I spent almost 18 years of my life.  I got all warm and fuzzy when I showed him my old high school, and the park next door where we used to run around at track practice.

On Sunday we went for a run down to the waterfront.  I have so many memories of going there as a kid, mostly on school field trips.  My mom gave us directions to get there and within 15 minutes, there it was!


Down by the marina…nothing here has changed!

As we ran for about a mile or so, I decided we should just walk.  My GPS was acting up and I was getting frustrated.  But the walk was so calming as we were able to just unwind a bit.  It was so quiet out there!  Buffalo is nothing like Philly on an Sunday morning.  It was so refreshing.

I’ve been practicing improving my form.  My boyfriend says I swing my arms too much when I run, which may be causing some of my issues.  So now I’ve been consciously keeping my arms closer to my sides.  Uncomfortable, but necessary.

Most of the time, I’m WAY too hard on myself when it comes to running.  The reason I named this blog “Run With No Regrets” is because it is a philosophy that I strive to follow.  I’ve had a lot of challenges along the way with running, and as I struggle, I have to remember how far I’ve come.

Things aren’t perfect right now…not even close.  My knees still pop all the time, my new shoes may be too much of a change for my feet (constant arch pain), and it feels like it takes more and more effort each time I go to run.  But I can’t have any regrets, and I won’t give up.  I love to run, and I want that love to manifest…so as advised by my bf, I will take more time to run gadget-free:  no watches, no Runkeeper.  Use the time to reflect, to escape, not to hit a quota for the week.

Attitude is everything, and hard work always pays off.  It is worth it.  No regrets!

Aug 09

AM Yoga…a Great Treat On a Day Off

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | fitness

It’s my day off and I am sooo happy about it.  This week has been super hectic, not just at work but at home as well with doing so many errands almost every day.  While I have great work schedule, I truly relish my days off and try to make the most of them, even if I do nothing at all.

Two weeks ago on my day off I went to barre class, which was my first attempt in several months since the stress fracture.  While I had some challenges, it went really well.  This time, I decided to go to 9:30 am yoga.

Before anyone gets any wrong ideas, I must confess that I am a yoga newbie in every sense of the word.  I only really know the poses that most fitness classes save for the end of the workout (downward dog, child’s pose and the like).  I wanted to take yoga to increase strength and flexibility and to reduce stress!     

I bought a Livingsocial for Raja Yoga that had 10 visits for $25. An absolute steal!  The first time I went it was scorching hot and completely packed.  This was hatha yoga, not bikram!  It’s not a big place either…but it was really relaxing and I was surprised that I was able to do most of the moves.

This time, which is actually my 2nd time, the vibe was really different.  The regular instructor/owner wasn’t there, and only four of us wanted to get our yoga on.  I was nervous since the last time I went was maybe back in May or June, and it was much harder for me to keep my mind “present”.  I kept thinking about my weekend plans or about how loud the man next to me was breathing.  

But things improved as I went along and John was able to tweak me here and there to get into the poses.  I really enjoyed myself and I always notice myself much calmer when I leave than when I come into the studio.  I do feel a bit of pain in my left knee probably from that pigeon pose…but I feel great!

What kind of workouts do you do on your day off?  Or do you use it as a rest day?  I’m actually thinking about running or doing some kind of cardio later tonight…I haven’t run since Monday and I’m getting a little anxious.

Happy Friday!

Aug 07

Food Shopping Fun

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | nutrition

So, I’m home, munching on blueberries, enjoying the fact that I’m home “early” instead of running around doing random errands.

On Monday, I had quite the food shopping experience.  We were running VERY low on groceries so I took the opportunity to apply all of my knowledge about nutrition to buy some really healthy food!

My grocery store of choice is Shoprite.  I used to go to one in South Philly near my old work location, but since it’s so far from where I am now, I went to a closer spot.  Let me tell you…it is the most convoluted place I’ve ever been!  Poor design from the moment you come to the packed parking lot, and it just gets worse as NOTHING makes sense where it’s located.  And even better, everyone and their child was there…

Regardless of the craziness, I always get “in the zone” at the supermarket.  It is something I truly enjoy…always have and don’t know why!  For the most part I wanted to buy lean meats, healthy snacks, leafy veggies, fruits, yogurt and the like.  Whenever I shop, I ALWAYS make a list, using the weekly sales as a jumpoff point, then buying the staples that are never on sale (i.e. milk).  I’ve never been one to shop for food on impulse (though I can hardly resist Lay’s Garden Tomato and Basil chips….) so I wasn’t worried about cheating!

There are a few things I bought, which you can see below, that I’m really excited about.  I got a LOT of cheese:  Muenster, Sharp Cheddar, Gorgonzola, and my favorite…Goat Cheese!  I want to add the goat cheese crumbles into a nice salad along with the peppers, onions and spinach that I bought…with a LIGHT dressing of course.  I’m also excited about buying the healthy wheat bread that’s 45 calories a slice, finally trying out Greek yogurt, and buying real, non-instant oatmeal.  I tried it this morning with almond milk(!) but it was incredibly bland….so I’ll have to figure something out.

My groceries. I think I did a good job!

When I’m surrounded by healthy food, I do a good job of eating it.  But last night we went to dinner to celebrate my boyfriend passing his final CFA exam (woohoo!!).  So once again, I was surrounded by difficult choices.  I ended up getting the salmon “burger”, as it was called…and it was delicious!  But man do I miss eating fries on the side!So I think I got a pretty good haul, and it came to about $93.  We should be eating good for awhile…

While I’ve been on this diet, I do wonder if it’s working…I haven’t weighed myself yet and don’t plan to.  I want that “The Biggest Loser” moment when I step on the scale after 3 weeks and see what happens.  Maybe that’s foolish, but I don’t want to obsess about this any more than I already am.  I think I need to work on eating bigger breakfasts to avoid being so hungry in the morning.  I do cringe at the thought of Danielle reviewing my food journal and shaking her head at my no-nos….sigh!

I just have to tell myself, “No regrets!”

Aug 04

So I’m on a Diet….

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | nutrition

Hey hey… I’m heading home after a day trip in NYC with some good time to wrote an update. In a previous entry I mentioned my first time seeing the dietitian and I think this is one of the best decisions I ever made.

After the first visit, my boyfriend and I stocked up on some delicious fruits and veggies at Reading Terminal Market. I also picked up some peanuts to add to my protein regimen. When I went to a birthday party and wedding in the same weekend, I carefully selected my choices to follow the new rules. The main thing is, I’m thinking before I eat.

During my second visit, we got down and dirty. We talked about my personal goal, which is to go from my current weight to 130 pounds. The good news is that in a week a lost a half pound!

Since August 1, I have been logging my meals. I write down what I eat,  what time I eat, how many calories I consume approximately, then how many servings of each food group I consume. Then it gets tallied up at the end of the day and I see if I made the mark.

Here’s a pic of my first day:

My first meal log…a good start that I need to maintain!

The hardest thing right now is: realizing I have to limit my time at bars and restaurants, which is a huge hobby of mine since I love to eat and socially drink! In addition to that, I’m now required to limit myself to 1 alcoholic drink per week. I had actually planned to do this on my own as a personal challenge to save my waistline, but now I have further incentive. So the social aspect of my life will and has already changed.

So I had 3 meals out at restaurants in the past 2 days and let me tell you… Not gonna work! Even when I pick these nice, healthier establishments it’s hard to know exactly what I’m eating. I had a mysterious mixed drink last night. And I don’t know what kinds of butters and oils were cooked in the food. I’m definitely eating better than before, but I need to break out my cookbook. I went for brunch in NYC and got silver dollar pancakes. They gave me like 10 of them and there was a dollop of cream I had to avoid. The strawberries and blueberries were yummy though, and the turkey bacon was great. I gotta get used to this blogging thing and take pics to share!  But I think you get my point…

It’s also really hard to be at a bar, like I was last night, and NOT get something to drink without seeming like some kind of cheapskate or weirdo.  So I ended up ordering a beer.  I’m trying not to feel guilty about these things, but it’s just best to stay out of these environments and away from these temptations.

So here’s the deal: I’m on a diet now.  I could pretend that I’m not, but I am. For me to reach 130, I’ll be aiming for 1500 calories a day: 3 carbs, 3 fruits, 4+ veggies, 2-3 dairy, 4 meat/meat substitutes and less than 1 fat a day and less than one “junk” a week.

I really want to do well with this, see if I can succeed and sustain a completely healthy lifestyle as long as I live. I know most people look at me and think I’m skinny or tiny, but that doesn’t last forever. And I can’t rely on solely running/working out to stay “healthy” especially when I seem susceptible to injury (i.e. knees 2012, foot 2013).

I’ll be doing this until my next dietitian appointment on August 21. I’m excited to see where I end up! I hope that talking about my triumphs and struggles with getting serious about nutrition helps you too. I’m hoping it becomes more natural as I continue on these next 3 weeks.

Tell me, what tips do you have for sticking with your “diet”?