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Welcome to Run With No Regrets! Founded in 2013, Run With No Regrets is a space for runners, fitness junkies and those striving to live a healthy life to connect and bond, all while keeping a positive attitude!

At Run With No Regrets, you’ll find tips on race training, injury prevention, healthy eating, and the many lessons learned with new fitness challenges.  I hope you enjoy it here!

About Janelle

My name is Janelle, I live in Philadelphia, and I’ve been running long distances since 2011.  I love exercise:  the physical and mental challenge, the feeling of accomplishment, the soreness, and the release of a day’s stress!  I always enjoyed playing sports with friends at the Y, ran track and played soccer in high school, but never had the discipline or real training required of an athlete.

My Journey

I never thought I could run a long distance race, but after an 11-minute finish at a stair climb event, I decided to train for the 2011 Broad Street Run, a 10-mile race.  I finished it in 1:40 and was SO proud of myself and instantly hooked!

Since that first race, there have been many more and through it all I’ve learned a lot about myself:  physically (“bad” knees! weak hips!), mentally (I can run in the rain, 90-degree heat, and -5 wind chill!), and emotionally (I hate setbacks and I’m too hard on myself!)

Unfortunately, I’ve had some injuries along the way:  “Runners Knee”, a stress fracture in my foot, and plantar fasciitis.  But thanks to great physical therapists and some coaching, I’m back to health and ready to run and find new adventures!

And while on my journey, I’ve fallen in love with nutrition and love learning how to cook healthy dishes!  There’s lots of trial and error, but  it’s so much fun!

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